Doing what you love

I have seen tons and tons of bad advice with adults, teachers, well-meaning relatives, and many others saying “do what you love”.

The real truth is that when you want to make money, make money. Do you want to have fun, have fun. If you try and blend the two, you will usually get neither.

Bad Apple* – The Pull Request

I enjoyed reading this article by a man who was canceled in social media and fired from his job. People had a knee-jerk reaction to a book he wrote in a goofy childish style to try to get laughs. They did not take into account the actual context of his book, they simply took a few lines out of it out of context and generated a whole bunch of Twitter rage.… read more “Bad Apple* – The Pull Request”


When you can’t fire bad apples, you end up with problems like the police force having violent cops or racist cops that make everyone look bad. Or you have teachers that refuse to go back to work even though there are vaccines available to them.

Unions make sense in circumstances where a company has a monopoly granted by the government… For example Boeing.… read more “Unions”

Marketing channel effectiveness review for 2021

Marketing channel effectiveness in my current opinion:
  1. SEO – targeted when someone wants you, but much more competitive. Used to be #1 far and away in terms of ROI, now it is pretty close to email and influencers.
  2. Email – Targeted but hard to get in an inbox without being filtered.
  3. Influencer marketing / Youtube – pretty good mass market reach
  4. PPC – very expensive, hard to ROI, but gets in front of those who need you
  5. Social – not as valuable unless you are a true influencer and even then people prefer channels like youtube.
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Stock Market Crapshoot Casino

I don’t like investing in the stock market. I know in my own business, if I start selling stock, it’s probably because I don’t think it’s going to do as well in the future as it’s done in the past. I think that’s the thought process behind most companies that IPO. I also think that once you have a founder is no longer running or involved in the business, it’s only a matter of time until the company dies.… read more “Stock Market Crapshoot Casino”