Knee Update

My knee is pretty much fully recovered now. I ran 4.5 miles today. I went pretty slow though – averaging an 11 minute pace for the first 3 miles then 13-14 minute pace for the next 1.5. I did run some sprints though which I am happy about. My goal is to get back down to a 9 minute average pace then push hard to get it under 8 minutes for the full distance.… read more “Knee Update”

Great People

I am very fortunate to work with many great team members and clients on a daily basis. I am especially appreciative of those team members who have worked with me for years and shown high levels of commitment; generally these folks also make the most compensation too.

Life is Good

Be grateful you don’t live in prehistoric times when live was violent, painful, and short. Be happy you aren’t suffering from cancer or another terrible disease. Appreciate that you have entertainment even kings forty years ago couldn’t access. Love those around you.

Public Voting Records

All voting record should be public. This way people can validate that the Russians have not stolen an election. I think it’s also important for people to share their opinions publicly if they have them and to be open to hearing counter-arguments from other people. That is how democracy and republics work.

One Year Sober

I made a decision a year ago to stop drinking. I did it because I did some stupid stuff I wasn’t proud of. I have found some major benefits though: my brain is operating a much higher level, I am much happier, my marriage is far stronger, and life is much more stable.