Synchrony Bank – Easy Fraud Target

Synchrony Bank is a very easy target apparently for identity theft and fraud. At the end of last year someone opened a fraudulent account in my name which I quickly shut down. Then again a couple of days ago another account was opened with them. Extremely frustrating. I called in and shut the accounts down, but Synchrony Bank has not retracted the inquiries yet after multiple requests. Terrible bank.

Criticism of the Media – This Was Hitler’s Favorite Activity

I read Mein Kampf while in high school and one of the big issues Hitler talked about was the media were all liars and controlled by the elites. He constantly undermined trust in the media, which over the course of years helped bring him to power.

President Donald Trump now does the exact same thing when the media says things he doesn’t like.

Attacks on the free media are how dictators come to power and stay in power.


Snap / Snapchat says in their filings for their IPO “We have incurred operating losses in the past, expect to incur operating losses in the future, and may never achieve or maintain profitability”.

This clearly violates Warren Buffett’s only two rules for investing: Rule Number 1: Never lose money. Rule Number 2: Never forget rule number one!

Warren Buffett strongly believes that the market is often very WRONG about a company’s value in the moment, but eventually the market price will reflect true value. Snap / Snapchat is clearly a company that is far overvalued… it will never turn a profit and will turn into a quagmire like Twitter (which has also always lost money and is slowly sinking).

Twitter has a lot of similarities to Snap / Snapchat: they both are fringe social networks that have never made money and don’t have much hope of doing so. Twitter has LOST half a BILLION dollars every year for the past 4 years on average.  The stock price has slowly sunk from $57 per share to $15 per share.

Another major concern is that Snap / Snapchat is getting crushed by Facebook in all of the important user metrics:

  • The average daily Snap / Snapchat user only spends 25 minutes on their app. The average Facebook user spends over 50 minutes a day on their app.
  • Facebook has 1.86 billion monthly average users, Snap / Snapchat only has 158 million daily average users (they don’t reveal monthly average users to avoid comparisons with Facebook). This means Facebook is 20x larger.
  • Facebook’s platform is far stickier and far superior and draws in a much wealthier and older demographic than does Snap / Snapchat.

If you buy Snap / Snapchat your only hope is that some larger company comes and buys them. Why would anyone be that stupid though?



I have had a nasty cold yesterday and today that has limited my energy and effectiveness at work. I only was able to put in 7.5 hours yesterday (and at a slow pace sadly). So many things I want to do but just no energy to do them!

Unpleasant Work

As a founder of a company, you frequently have to do very unpleasant tasks that you don’t want to do. A founder will start a company with a dream of doing what they do best all the time… the reality is that once you grow 95% of your time goes into a hundred different areas that you often don’t really have much talents at. I thought I would be doing world class SEO all day, but in reality I have to spend a lot of time in human resources, management, training, information systems, accounting, legal, and on and on.


Coalition has developed excellent processes, checklists, and other ideas for getting great results for our clients. We are now working on building a web application to bring rigor so that every client gets the very best possible service. Super excited about it!

Weekend Work

One of the things that helps separate Coalition from our competitors is that I work every Saturday and Sunday. My last full day off was November 5th, 2016. Most days I work at least 6 hours including on the weekends. Weekends are actually my favorite time to work because I am not getting constant messages from clients and employees with questions.

Bill Gates was called a “Grinder” by his colleagues back in his first twenty years building Microsoft. He would stay in the office for days at a time without even thinking twice about it. He outworked everyone else from his era, building him into the world’s richest man and most successful philanthropist beating multiple diseases and vastly improving human health and quality of life.