My birthday – 33 Anos!

My birthday is today and I am fortunate to have received lots of messages from well-wishers, so thank you for those!

I can’t believe I am 33. That is a number hard to picture in my head. When you are 10, you can look at your fingers and know how old you are. When you are 21, you can look at your fingers and toes and … well you know. Now that I am 33, my age has become an abstraction. I still feel 12 in a lot of ways, but in others I can’t even relate to the younger versions of myself.


Copy Management System

I am building a programmatic copy management system. My team writes 500 pages of copy each month. A page of copy is a Microsoft Word document, single space, 12 point font with the entire page filled.

So we write a lot of copy.

We are planning on writing even more for our many clients in the future, so I am working with my strategists and admin team to figure this out.


I have been having lots of meetings with a variety of partners lately. I have found it quite inspirational! Had talks about business with Levi, Dorothy, Jeremy, David P., my team members and many others!

Mad Work

I receive around 300 to 500 emails a day. Sometimes I feel like all I do is reply to emails. I have built a to do management application to make sure high priority stuff gets worked on first. I dislike it when email drives my priority list instead of what is truly important to get done. I also read that checking email too frequently causes higher stress levels.