I just watched the movie transcendence… So good! They took some artistic liberties with the AI… Humans will be many orders of magnitude outclassed by a true strong AI within day of it reaching human level intelligence.

Stock Market Gyrations

The stock market has been very hard to predict lately. It is at a pretty high point, but I am worried inflation might set in and it might go yet higher. I am also concerned it could crash. I am unsure what would be best to invest in at this point.

AI Defeats Go World Champ

Google’s DeepMind artificial intelligence defeats the Go world champion far sooner than anyone had predicted. Go is a far more challenging game then chess. At this point AI can outthink humans at most specialized domains, the next area will be general intelligence. I give it 3-5 years, though most experts say 20-40 years.

Moto at Home

I could never figure out what this app on my phone did really…. Ever night it would just say “Moto at Home is Working For You”. Discovered tonight that it muted all night time activities including calls. How did I discover this? Joshua Gross stood outside and called me 28 times in a row unsuccessfully trying to wake me up to let him inside!… read more “Moto at Home”