President Reagan’s thoughts on immigration.  “Driven by the politics of short election cycles, the U.S. is missing the larger economic cycle of immigration. Meanwhile, Canada has been advertising its new startup visa with a billboard on California’s Highway 101, where every foreign-born engineer in Silicon Valley can see it: “H-1B Problems? Pivot to Canada.””  “The catch: the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) believed that as much as 25 percent of the Silicon Valley workforce (~200,000 people) was undocumented — which meant this thriving industry was routinely breaking the law. “ Almost all of our farm and construction workers are illegal immigrants. Shutting these out would severely damage our economy.   The Center for American Entrepreneurship, a non-partisan policy and advocacy organization, published a study today on the founders of America’s most valuable companies—those in the Fortune 500. The results are striking—43 percent of companies in the 2017 Fortune 500 were founded or co-founded by an immigrant or the child of an immigrant, and among the Top 35, that share is 57 percent.

Parenthood is the Meaning of Life

Being a father is literally the meaning of life. All life on our planet from single-celled organisms to multi-ton whales primary drive is to reproduce. Every species’ goal is to expand and thrive. Holding your baby skin to skin awakens some deep primal emotions inside of you. Your life takes on a much bigger purpose outside of your own selfish desires. Having children gives your life meaning and purpose, I highly recommend it.

Frauds and Scams

Be suspicious… This is a good list of scams. I’ve run across a number of these, recently including recruiters pretending to be working for a company than asking for financial information, the IRS fake scammers, homeless asking for money for a job interview so they can buy booze or drugs, people with pyramid / multilevel marketing schemes, wealthy people pushing crappy investments, etc.

“A fool and his dollar are soon parted.” I have been parted from enough dollars that I hope I am less foolish than I once was!

Kate and Griffin Update

Kate is doing really well and has been off of her feeding tube for two days and should be able to come home Monday or Tuesday. She has gained a lot of weight and now is a healthy six pounds.

Griffin is also doing much better and can take up to a third of a bottle by mouth. He still needs more time to learn to synchronize breathing and eating. He will hopefully come home in the next 2-4 weeks.

Great Grandma, Grandma and Grandpa visiting Kate and Griffin.

Homeless Problem

I believe the homeless (and everyone else), should be prosecuted in full for crimes they commit.

I think there are two types of homeless – those who are sane and normal but down on their luck – once they get a job and support they can be contributing members of society. These individuals need all the support we can give them.

The second type of homeless, sometimes referred to as homeless by choice, those individuals who are drug addicted or mentally unstable to the point they can’t even keep it together to get a government check need to be handled differently. I think we should have some form of long term holds for these people until they truly show they can survive and flourish without it.

Cities are becoming overrun with the second type of homeless. These people are generally filthy, spread disease, commit various crimes of opportunity even including assault and murder and rape, and abuse drugs and alcohol until they die.

I suggest we categorize the second type of homeless by issue involved and severity and have mandatory facilities to either help them recover or simply hold them long term. Categories could include various levels of drug addiction rehab, mental health, etc.

Bad Cops Need 10x Punishment

We rely on and automatically trust police officers. Because of this, they need to be held to a far higher standard than the regular population. If a police officer is found to have committed a crime, especially a crime will on duty, he should face a sentence that is automatically 10 times as long as the maximum penalty for whatever crime was committed.

State Murders

Every so often we see in the news that a state sponsored murder has occurred. Russia’s Putin has murdered a turncoat in Britain. Saudi Arabia’s MBS has murdered a Washington Post journalist. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un has murdered a general or his brother.

These are the murders these leaders WANT us to see and hear about. These are usually statements to warn other people not to mess with their power.

What you do NOT hear about are the thousands, maybe tens of thousands of murders that each commits that those leaders aren’t making a statement with. When they murder their own citizens who might eventually turn into a threat they can just make it look like a heart attack or car accident or unsolved murder. When they murder American citizens who speak out against them and make it look like a stroke or some other natural or accidental cause.

The fundamental problem in allowing dictators to exist is that these dictators will use any means possible to stay in power. These dictators have global reach and zero accountability even if someone finds them out. They can extend their power into free countries if those countries try to ignore or even just allow these dictators to continue to exist. They murder secretly and with impunity around the globe. They employ assassins who can murder over and over again and make it just look like an accident or natural cause.

Even beyond murder, these dictators can use the money they extract from their oppressed millions of citizens to run secret shadow public relations campaigns as we have seen Russia and Saudi Arabia doing at a massive scale in the EU and United States.

Free countries that lack the courage to bring total war against dictators will not be free long.

If I die in an “accident”, you will know what really happened I hope.