Free speech and social media

Discussing political topics in person generally seems to result in people liking each other more even if they disagree. Discussing politics on social media seems to result in people disliking each other even if they agree on everything but one small point. I’m not sure what it is about social media That leads to such polarization and hatred, but it’s unhealthy.… read more “Free speech and social media”

When was the last time you changed your mind on a political topic important to you?

I have been a vociferous opponent of patents since a parent troll sued my company 7 years ago. My opinion has been that patents are mostly used by low life’s to limit competition or seek unfair rents. I have written many blog posts calling for the abolishment of the patent system and talked about it with a wide variety of people.… read more “When was the last time you changed your mind on a political topic important to you?”

Abortion is Murder

I have seen a ton of strange ideas being posted by people I respect highly.

I am not religious, nor am I a conservative but I see a lot of confusion about what what abortion is and how conservatives view it being published right now. Liberals often misrepresent conservative beliefs on abortion to make it sound like conservatives are trying to control other people’s bodies.… read more “Abortion is Murder”

Watch 900 ATVs and Motorcycles Bulldozed under Eye of NYC Mayor

Wow, this is probably the stupidest thing I’ve seen this year and I’ve seen a lot of stupid things. New York City is criminally negligent in doing this. They could simply have shipped them to California or Mexico and sold them all. No wonder these cities are going bankrupt.