Systems Thinking

Humans are machines that output the results of the system we are in.

We believe we have far more individual freedom and liberty of thought than we truly do. Science has shown that many things we think we do or believe from our own preferences are actually determined by the environment we are in.

We are genetically identical to humans from the last 10,000 years.… read more “Systems Thinking”

Best Ways To Increase Real GDP Growth Rate

In order of impact… starting with the very best opportunities:

  1. Eliminate patents, software copyright, and any other copyright outside of a short, maybe five or ten year period of copyright for creative like books, movies, music. Patents destroy competition and GDP growth and affect almost every industry heavily, preventing better and less expensive versions of goods from being released.
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On Spanking

Washington state law on corporal punishment of children (check your own nation or country as applicable):
Use of force on children—Policy—Actions presumed unreasonable.
It is the policy of this state to protect children from assault and abuse and to encourage parents, teachers, and their authorized agents to use methods of correction and restraint of children that are not dangerous to the children.
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Washington State’s Inslee’s Terrible Vaccine Priorities

People who work and produce in the economy should be the first to receive the vaccine, starting with healthcare workers.

Instead, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee is giving the vaccine to workers last. First, he is giving it to people already have lived full lives already and are in nursing homes or in hospice care. Next, Inslee is giving the vaccine to criminals in prison and the homeless.… read more “Washington State’s Inslee’s Terrible Vaccine Priorities”

Tesla Stock Valuation Question

Disclosure: I don’t own any Tesla and am not short Tesla… no affiliation in any way.

Question from my friend: “Thoughts on Tesla?”

My answer: “Vastly overpriced, sell it if you own it.
GM did $137b revenue last year and has a $60b market cap. Each $1 of market cap buys $2 revenue.
Tesla did $25b revenue last year and has a $768b market cap.… read more “Tesla Stock Valuation Question”

The most important problem of our time

How can we dismantle calcified, bad institutions? Special interests fight as hard as possible to prevent the dismantling of institutions that are either outdated, have failed, or are just inefficient compared to other possibilities.

It used to be that bad corporations would end up in bankruptcy and would be dismantled and make room for better new companies.… read more “The most important problem of our time”

Building Better Company Tools

—— Important principles to understand
I used to work as a Business Analyst and do not feel that a person in that role knows enough about either side (programming or the needs of the user) to be effective.
A programmer working alone and just doing the requests he sees coming from a user is somewhat effective, but often misses key principles and ideas about how things could work, and cannot recommend the ideas that only a programmer would understand because he doesn’t know those user principles.… read more “Building Better Company Tools”

How to avoid Griffin or Kate dying

A letter to my wife.,20%25%3B%202469%20of%2012%2C336).

  1. Automobile accidents… as much as possible, don’t drive them around. Don’t let them ride with others. 20% of deaths.
  2. Firearm accidents (59% homicide, 35% suicide, 4% unintentional). 15% of total deaths. Never let them touch guns without intensive supervision and training. Have gun safes that even a teenager or adult cannot crack.
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