I went on a seven mile run this morning and towards the end of it felt an urgent need to take a dump. My stomach started to cramp up and I didn’t think I could keep it in much longer. I spotted an Arco down the road and headed for it. The theme song for Game of Thrones came on Spotify and all I could think of was “Hodor, Hodor, Hold the door!”


Caffeine is a hard drug.

It’s powerful stimulating effect has a half life in your body of 14 hours. A lot of people use it very heavily every day and spend almost no time sober.

Caffeine doesn’t cause massive hangovers or prevent work from being done though, so people mostly give it a pass.


A Letter To My Wife

Our two years of marriage have been the best two years of my life. The two years prior to that of our dating were the second best two years of my life. We have been falling in love more and more since we first met. By six months in, you were fully moved in. At two years in, we had our beautiful wedding in Sierra Madre. Now four years in we share a home, most of our time, work, and all of our goals.
We are closer now than I have ever been with anyone else. I have always been a difficult person for people to get along with, but you and I rarely have any conflict. We take good care of each other. You make amazing meals for me every day and I provide financial and life security.
You make me a better person and I think I do the same for you. I am more stable, happy, and able to achieve great things with you. You are more adventurous, and able to live a better life with me.
We have amazing vacations together; Munich, Tulum, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Seattle, Lake Chelan, Tokyo, Hawaii, Switzerland, Milan, Spain.
We will have children together.
Life goals that most people never achieve we already have.  A beautiful home, great family and friends, financial security and options that come with it, and most vital – a harmonious and loving relationship.
I love you and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you.