Watch Chappelle’s New Special

Dave Chappelle is easily the best comedian of all time. The new special shows it. Twitter sucks. Cancel culture sucks.

Posted the above after seeing a bunch of negative articles about the special. But then I went to the clickbait New York Times article that tries to make it seem like there is a major controversy here.… read more “Watch Chappelle’s New Special”

Free Markets Need Perfect Competition

Adam Smith said that to have an efficient free market, there needs to be perfect competition. Perfect competition is when all parties are free to transact or not transact as they please and information on prices is clear to everyone. Perfect competition is the best possible scenario for consumers (you and I, our families, and our friends) because it means we always get the best value for services and goods we buy.… read more “Free Markets Need Perfect Competition”

Stop Government Handouts

Government handouts destroy the motivation of corporations and individuals to do better.

When corporations go bankrupt, it seems like a sad event, but in reality it is clearing market room for new entries to be able to start up and take share. Instead of allowing corporations to go bankrupt in the 2007 market crash and in the 2020 market crash, we have given them massive government handouts.… read more “Stop Government Handouts”

Underrated Intelligence Factor: Scam Detection

I have never taken an IQ test that asked questions related to insight into someone trying to take advantage of you. A fundamental factor in my success and every self made business owner I know is that they are better than most people at detecting frauds, scams, dishonesty. It is almost a requirement for a good business owner to develop a deep sense of when someone is scamming you, because someone with money will run into dozens of scams a day trying to take your money.… read more “Underrated Intelligence Factor: Scam Detection”

Conversation with a Venture Capitalist

I receive emails from venture capitalists and private equity constantly. Mostly I see them as annoying spam, but the reality is that this is a predatory industry that does more harm to American GDP than even payday loan sharks or the cigarette companies. Sometimes I reply to troll a little bit. I am sharing this conversation below to demonstrate why all successful founders should steer clear of more “Conversation with a Venture Capitalist”