The Internet Is Now Terrifying

As a person who, in a very small bit part, has helped to build the internet, I am surprised to find that I am terrified of it.

I am embarrassed to admit that I got sucked into unhealthy rabbit holes online today. I started the day well, getting up at 6 am and programming on a new tool I am building and handling emails that came into my company.… read more “The Internet Is Now Terrifying”

Civil War Risk High In America

The AP News, CNN, NBC, ABC, Nytimes, The Washington Post, and many other news outlets have said that Biden has won America’s presidential elections. Conservative outlet Fox News has not. UPDATE: Fox News has declared Biden the winner as well now. Extreme right outlets like Breitbart are saying the election was a fraud. Trump continues to declare himself the winner.… read more “Civil War Risk High In America”

Idea: Inflation Taxation

What would happen if we did away with the income tax, sales tax, estate tax, property tax, and all other taxes?

The government could simply finance itself by printing money / inflation. Let’s say the government total expenditures were 5% of GDP each year, then you would simply have 5% inflation.

This would solve all the problems we have with income inequality, worthless heirs of the wealthy hoarding riches, and of very complex and expensive IRS and CPA work.… read more “Idea: Inflation Taxation”

Very, very sad comment

Back in his office, Mr. Dealtrey remembers how disturbed he once was about the size of the deficit. “I used to care about my kids and grandkids being stuck with it,” he said, leaning back in his chair. “But nobody cares anymore.” “Maybe I don’t care anymore,” he said, momentarily surprised at his own words.

That above quotes an article in the NYTimes and embodies the attitude of Boomers to future American generations.

Pastor’s kid

I think growing up as a pastor’s kid may have been a big advantage in life. We did not have money, but we had status at the church, and at elementary school since that was in the church. I probably always received extra attention because of that, and also just spent a ton more time around other people than I would have otherwise.… read more “Pastor’s kid”

Inside Foxconn’s empty buildings, empty factories, and empty promises in Wisconsin

In a best-case scenario, the Legislative Fiscal Bureau found the state wouldn’t break even until 2043. Depending on how many people Foxconn hired, each job would cost taxpayers somewhere between $200,000 and more than a million dollars. The average subsidy in the US is around $24,000 per job.