Laravel View Composer

I watched a Laracast video this morning on View Composers… these will be very helpful to me. For a long time I have wondered how to avoid calling the same code repeatedly for showing a piece of code on a page, and now I have the answer!

Hacking – Too Much Victim Blaming

Each time a company or organization gets hacked, the tech community aggressively blames the victim. If a physical retail store had a gang of bandits break in and steal goods, no one would blame the victim retail store… they would blame the bandits. We have set up aggressive laws that allow for tracking down and imprisoning the bandits for physical crimes. I think we also need to do so for digital crimes. I am okay with not allowing anonymity on the internet if it allows us to prevent digital crime. I also am a fan of a global government for the proper regulation of international crime (and also the regulation of AI).

Samsung S8

I just got a new Samsung S8. I am very happy that I bought an unlocked version without all of Verizon’s garbage preinstalled on it… and the ability to remove Samsung’s preinstalled apps. The only thing that is preinstalled that I can’t remove is Facebook because apparently it is built into the OS itself.

Ultimate Frisbee

I played ultimate frisbee at Venice Beach with the Paradiso Crossfit group yesterday. It was a lot of fun! I got some patchy sunburns though. I’d like to play more Ultimate soon if I can.

In the end, the machines will win.

Productive Life

Since I stopped drinking again 30 days ago, I have worked out for 29 days straight. I had my best running times of this year in the last couple of runs. My brain has been working much better – I have a great idea for improving alignment of my team members with Coalition’s goals and I also have begun programming again.


Terrible People

I work with hundreds of employees and hundreds of clients, and have seen all sorts of folks over time. Recently, there have been a couple of really terrible people though… these two basically have been harassing me nonstop to the point that I’ve had to get the police involved. Hopefully the police will be able to resolve this.

Laurel’s Birthday Weekend

Dinner at Maple Block eating a full rack of pork ribs, afternoon tea at the Langham hotel, escape room game with her dad and Kristi and Leanne, then dinner with the family at Altadena Country Club.

Riverside Quarry

I had an idea that it would be interesting to try to buy the Riverside Quarry and turn it into an adult outdoor amusement park. The biggest issue would be liability I think.

Activities that could be offered:

  • Rock climbing (clean up the wall a bit more and make sure all the bolts are safe)
  • Dirt biking / ATV rentals
  • Paintball (have an enclosing fence to prevent balls from flying off)
  • Golf driving range?
  • Restaurant & bar
  • Water park?


What is something you’ve done unexpectedly that made you a lot of money?

Nine years ago, I ran a small online shop selling digital automotive gauges called The store wasn’t very successful but I think it had around $20,000 per year in revenue and $4,000 in profit. It took a ton of time to run and I probably only made a few dollars per hour on it after splitting that with my business partner Josh (who now owns his own successful dentistry practice).

I had built the site originally on ZenCart, which was a horrible ecommerce platform and made Josh and I’s lives nightmares. So after a year or two, I did a ton of research into what the best ecommerce platforms of the time were. I ended up switching over to BigCommerce after completing my research.

On a whim, I set up an affiliate account with all of the ecommerce stores I reviewed on my site. Those affiliate links now make $3,000 per month and have consistently helped buoy my bottom line for years. Affiliate links were an unexpected method of making me a lot of money.