Brilliant Norwegians!

Prison Alternatives

I visited Alcatraz and was horrified listening to the prisoners tales of endlessly wasting away or sharing criminal knowledge. Our prison system is such a waste.

I would like to see prisoners be able to volunteer to work in different areas. This should of course depend on their good behavior.

I thought it would be interesting if any company could register than hire prisoners for jobs… but the prisoners can choose which company and which job. The prisoners would need to pay for their prison cell / upkeep but any money above and beyond that they could keep for when they get out of prison. I also thought that prisoners could volunteer for military units made up of prisoners and get paid regular military pay as well.

The most dangerous offenders would not be eligible for this sort of system.

Katie and Martin’s Civil Wedding

Cats Cause Rage and Baby Deaths Through Toxoplasmosis


Oma is Katie’s 95 year old grandmother. She is in excellent shape for her age and pretty sharp. She even is currently writing a 200,000 word memoir about her life! My hope is to be in as good of shape as she is when I reach that age (if I ever even get close to that age it would be shocking, considering my weight and height and enjoyment of high risk activities).

Jimmy’s Coke Elephant

Jimmy and I walked into the porcelain figurine shop in San Francisco’s Chinatown and found many amazing treasures, including some quite inappropriate ones. The proprietor took one look at Jimmy and dollar signs flashed in his eyes and he movedd in on his mark like a shark towards a baby seal. Jimmy was looking at small porcelain figures. The proprietor said, “this one is for luke and this is for long life and this is for money”. The sparkly gold and jewel encrusted elephant caught Jimmys eye and the proprietor picked it up and showed how it opened and said, “this is for keeping your white powder hehe”. Jimmy was sold.

AMA = Evil Trade Union


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Half Dome