Why You Can’t Trust Products To Be Safe: The LLC

A high percentage of products available to consumers are unsafe. Tobacco, alcohol, and asbestos are obvious examples from the past, but things like microplastics and polyester are being shown to be hazardous to human health as well.

Why do companies sell products they know to be bad? Simple: the Limited Liability Company. No owner or shareholder or manager would knowingly allow a bad product to be sold if there was no such thing as limited liability – they would worry they could be sued forever into the future for hurting people.… read more “Why You Can’t Trust Products To Be Safe: The LLC”

Care.com’s Scam… My review of the paid service

I am a paying $40/ mo customer of care.com. I discovered that they get customers to stay on for longer subscriptions by putting their jobs in a pending queue that takes days rather than simply automatically approving them like everyone else does. Super unfortunate and a total ripoff.

AND they don’t tell you no refunds are provided under any circumstances.… read more “Care.com’s Scam… My review of the paid service”

Compounding effect of learning

Learning feels like a slow, progressive process. It feels like everyone is stuck in the same morass and will end up in the same place.

The reality is that small differences in the pace of learning can make huge differences down the line. Even more important than the pace is the daily quantity of learning. Two hours a day vs one hour a day of focused intense learning and practice over the course of years results in knowledge and skills many times higher, not just double.… read more “Compounding effect of learning”

Risk and thrill seeking

I have done a good bit of thrill seeking adventures and sports. I spent years rock climbing, mostly indoors but occasionally outdoors. I played a year of bench warming football. I’ve sky dived, hang glided, and spent years skiing fairly aggressively.

Looking back, I question why I ever did it. Sometimes there would be a thrilling high, but much more often I was just terrified and trying to survive.… read more “Risk and thrill seeking”