San Francisco to Get Environmental Violation for Homelessness, Trump Says – The New York Times

A dictator will twist good laws to his own purposes. Trump hates environmental laws, but is suddenly using them to take a stab at a city where he is not supported. We should all be afraid.

Baby Boomers – The Worst Generation

I strongly agree that the baby boomer generation will not be looked on well by history as this generation:

-Took massive debt to pay for entitlements that will eventually have to be paid for by their grandchildren.

-Elected politicians based not on competence but on relatives (Bush, Clinton), or on easily disproved false pretenses (Trump).

-Encouraged and allowed the growth of special interest industries that damaged the country (patent lawyers, AMA increasing healthcare costs, etc). This destroyed free markets.

-Fought massively expensive foreign wars with their kids and grandkids without end goals and strictly limited troops rules of engagement with misguided morality.

-Destroyed legitimate political debate in favor of simply screaming that your side is right and endlessly saying “what about Hillary” or “what about Trump” instead of engaging on issues.

Trump and California See Same Homeless Problem, but Not the Same Solutions – The New York Times

I don’t agree with Trump often, but this is a very serious problem. I would like to see some sort of mandatory relocation and rehabilitation program.

Mystery Solved: Private-Equity-Backed Firms Are Behind Ad Blitz on ‘Surprise Billing’ – The New York Times
Doctors have the most powerful trade union in the country, the AMA. They strictly limit their own competition by limiting university seats. Each doctor makes 5-10x more because of this and they are the true cause of the growing high health care costs in our country. Insurance companies are happy to be the bad guy, because they are simply a 10 percent layer on top of whatever the size doctors billings are. We must open up healthcare to competitors again if we want lower prices and better service.

Why grandmasters like Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana lose weight playing chess

Fascinating. Makes sense. I did my best programming while running 6 miles a day at an 8 minute pace, which is my best.