State Sponsored Attacks on High Profile Americans

Right now there are widespread media attacks on high profile Americans. These attacks are backed by Russia and China and other anti-American interests. The attacks on Google, Facebook, and Amazon are especially important to notice. The attacks are meant to prey upon human feelings such as envy, and not necessarily to shut these companies down, but to distract attention away from murderous dictators elsewhere.

Energy and the Economy

Energy (oil, nuclear, etc) is what drives the entire world economy. It doesn’t matter what kind of technology you have if you don’t have the energy to push things ahead. Energy multiplied by technology equals Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Energy without technology leads to massive waste.

We need clean energy or we will torch our planet. Better technology means less energy needs to be used for the same GDP.

Nuclear provides massive clean energy, but oil companies and oil states have banded together to create an very effective PR campaign against nuclear for the last 50 years.

Patents prevent technology from advancing as quickly as it could. Patents don’t encourage innovation except in minor cases. We badly need more innovation to drive up our technology.

GDP equals lifestyle.

USA Should Not Support Middle East Dictatorships

I think a lot of the radicalized people throughout the region would be far less violent if they did not continuously have to fight corrupt dictators. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and Iran are all run by dictators that will do or say anything to retain power. The USA should stop giving them support and arms, and work towards setting up democracies like those in Japan or Germany.