South Korea trainee doctors resign to protest plan to add more physicians | Reuters

The doctors here in the US do the same thing- they limit the number of medical students allowed to graduate per year to keep their salaries and thus your medical care prices sky high.

Parenting Advice: the 17 year old success

Who has raised the best children you can think of? How did those people parent their kids from a young age on up?

I ran across a 17 year old recently who lives and works like he is a successful 27 year old adult. He is mature, knowledgeable about his work, focused, and a great communicator.… read more “Parenting Advice: the 17 year old success”

Broken finger, new baby, remodel update, fencing

Lots of updates!

Most important and exciting is that our fourth baby, Hazel, was born! We are super happy and excited to have her join our family.

Grant, our one year old, tried climbing up a small shelf when no one was looking and pulled it over on himself. Unfortunately, it all landed on the top of his tiny finger and fractured the bone.… read more “Broken finger, new baby, remodel update, fencing”

Limited Liability is Evil

As a serial entrepreneur, I have benefited greatly from limited liability, however I see it being abused almost everywhere. I think we should get rid of it in general.

The concept of limited liability is the source of many of America’s societal ills.

If people were liable forever for the actions and could not contract it away, especially when concerning actions that can harm the public, you would see executives and boards of directors behave very differently do today.… read more “Limited Liability is Evil”