My Texts in Capitalism Debate

Hmmm… People like Bezos produce goods and services that make all of our lives vastly better. Even our Airbnb host friend takes rundown buildings and converts them into gorgeous vacation destinations.

I oppose unearned privilege – including gifts and inheritances like Trump’s, or favoritism given through federal contracting or affirmative action type programs giving certain genders or races special extra rights.… read more “My Texts in Capitalism Debate”

Watch This Video!

Every single one of you should watch this video in full.

I personally think that we should open up economies, while allowing those who wish to stay home to freely do so. However, Bill Gates is one of the most brilliant people alive and you should listen to him over me. Bill Gates has done more good in our world than any other person alive today through his philanthropic activities, and he is the best businessman around.… read more “Watch This Video!”

VC’s Are Destructive Predators

Venture Capitalists are unnecessary for the most part and are extraordinarily destructive of startups.… read more “VC’s Are Destructive Predators”

Reopen Immediately

We should only give authoritarian power to a government when we face a near extinction level threat. The government won’t return that power when the virus gets cured. Look at every authoritarian government in power today and through history. Almost no authoritarian returns that power.

Coronavirus actually has a far lower rate of death than we thought.… read more “Reopen Immediately”