How to protect against predatory privatized prisons

I think prisons are a serious problem both on the public side and private side. Unfortunately, private prisons tend to be even worse than public ones. My suggestion for private prisons would be to set up a nationwide prison system based on rewarding prisons based on their recidivism rate, the average market pay of prisoners who are released, and most importantly – allow the prisoners to select the prison company of their choice.… read more “How to protect against predatory privatized prisons”

The Great Danger of Government Protection

Most people believe that we need government protection. Democrats want government to protect us from corporations, poverty, and ourselves. Republican want the government to protect us from foreign nations and criminals.

The great danger in seeking protection from the government is that once a regulatory role is given to the government, the bureaucracy entrenches itself and is nearly impossible to roll back.… read more “The Great Danger of Government Protection”

Pierce County Rapid Covid Test

I was worried I had Covid today as I was pretty sick. I had an extraordinarily difficult time finding any place they did rapid Covid testing in Pierce County. I had a nightmare experience with Walgreens where their phone service told me that I could go in and get tested, but when I showed up the pharmacist refused.… read more “Pierce County Rapid Covid Test”

Man is a Nightmare Species

Imagine an alien species with star drive technology and vastly superior intelligence appeared in large numbers on our planet. The aliens kill humans for sport, skin them, boil them alive, and often don’t even eat the meat. They drag people around on hooks buried in their intestines. They stuff dead human bodies and set them up in action positions like the Heisman pose.… read more “Man is a Nightmare Species”

Avoid VC’s

If you have to live off your own revenues, it means you don’t do any premature scaling… You have to focus on the needs of your customers to reach the next level. VC backed companies have to reach the VC exit goals which means they are forced to scale immediately even if things are broken.

Your business idea could work really well if you were given a few extra months or years to work on it, but with the VC fuse burning you can’t wait.… read more “Avoid VC’s”

Why Big Tech Is Being Attacked

Is it as strange you as it is to me that Google, Facebook, Apple, and Twitter are all suddenly being attacked and sued by the government?

Sure, Big Tech has lots of problems. But when you compare their problems to those elsewhere they seem like molehills being made into mountains. Oil and coal companies kill 200,000 people a year with air pollution.… read more “Why Big Tech Is Being Attacked”