Social Climbers

The acquaintance who constantly looks over your shoulder when you are in a room with him to see what else is going on and who else is there.

The friend who upon being invited to an event with you says, “I will let you know”, so if something better comes up he can switch.

The fellow who greets you with great enthusiasm as though you were his long lost brother, then puts on the same show five minutes later for the next new arrival.… read more “Social Climbers”


I am vaccinated and went to Seattle to visit some friends there last weekend. I was shocked to find that I had to show my vaccine card to enter a restaurant and wear a mask the whole time. I was the first one of my friends group to go into full quarantine in February 2020, but the statistics now show it is as safe as it was pre-pandemic to return to our regular lives.… read more “Vaccinated”

How To Spend Your Life

If you are looking for purpose in life, have children. The purpose of all biological life is reproduction. I can tell you from my own experience that my kids provide me a ton of purpose and direction.

If you are looking for meaning, focus on your relationships. Do DIY projects with your grandpa and dad. Go out to lunch with your mom weekly.… read more “How To Spend Your Life”

South Spanaway

Back to South spanaway, the land of deleted and lifted diesel trucks, poverty, giant American flags that no longer mean patriotism and represent something darker, gun rights, a surprisingly high percentage of minorities, bad food but in huge quantities, anti-vaxxers, endless self-storage units, bikini baristas, unreliable people, mobile home parks with bars in the middle of them, diy, wider roads and open space properties.

The Great Myths of World War 2

Myth 1: The Allies (USA & Britain) won the war.
World War 2 in Europe was really a massive industrialized war between Russia and Germany. The US and Britain did not even join the fight until Russia had beaten Germany. D-Day was not launched until Russian armies had defeated Germany’s best armies and reconquered all of their territory.… read more “The Great Myths of World War 2”

Doctors Won’t Recommend Lifestyle Changes

I have never had a doctor recommend lifestyle treatments to me. They don’t make any money on those. I have osteoarthritis in my hip and multiple doctors recommended an immediate hip replacement. I did a ton of research and ended up on the anti-inflammatory index diet in combination with changing exercises from running and golf that put high impacts on my hip to cycling which does not.… read more “Doctors Won’t Recommend Lifestyle Changes”