Dismantle the US patent system

The entire patent system needs to be dismantled. It’s simply hampers competition and prevents free trade. All of us in the technology industry know that the simple facts are that building a business is 99% perspiration and 1% innovation. Further, any new idea is based on a mountain of previous human innovations. Even the largest leap in human history was a miniscule percentage of the entire knowledge base it rested on.… read more “Dismantle the US patent system”


My kids will be strongly discouraged from going to college. Colleges have somehow devolved from centers of education into something else entirely. Colleges now often push extreme viewpoints that lack evidence, colleges have dangerous drinking and drug cultures, and colleges bury their students in debt that enslaves them for life.

A good education can now be had on YouTube… I have spent the last year learning construction there and the quality of content is excellent.… read more “College”

System Builders

I used to think that the world was made up of lots of smart people mostly working together.

But I’ve come to realize is that there is a very small population system builders that are responsible for everything in modern life.

Schools were built by a system builder who probably passed away from the early 1900s and they have not changed much since.… read more “System Builders”

Are Investors Driving Up Housing Prices?

I am not a housing investor, but I see many misguided articles claiming housing investors are driving prices up.

The factors that primarily control pricing in the housing market are supply and demand.

In Seattle, London, Los Angeles and elsewhere demand has risen steadily but supply has not. This causes prices to increase sharply.

The solution is to increase the housing supply.… read more “Are Investors Driving Up Housing Prices?”