Corruption is Rampant Everywhere

As I have grown to understand human built systems better, I have discovered that it is very difficult to build a system that is resistant to corruption. Most businesses and governments are rife with corruption. It is rare to have a government or business that doesn’t struggle with this.

You can see it happened at a high level in China where a strong leader has been able to subvert the socialist systems set in place and turn it into a dictatorship.

I have seen it happen on a small level in a club where a hired leader has been able to upend the checks and balances to keep management under control.

I have even seen it happen in my own business, where I have set up motivation systems that may not have been ideal and people start trying to game them.

I am extremely impressed by organizations that are able to resist corruption for long periods. I don’t think there is any system that can resist ongoing human attempts to game it forever. The United States had a good run, but it appears that our government has been subverted as well.

Racism in Our Time

Trump took this girl’s parents from their workplace where they were generating positive GDP for the American economy, put them in prison at great taxpayer expense, created another huge expense by requiring the community to care for the children, and caused horrific emotional trauma for everyone involved.

There is massive costs to the American taxpayer and zero returns.

This is racism in our time.

Google Discontinues Hangouts on Air

As someone who pays Google thousands of dollars a month for Google Drive for Business (Gsuite rebrand was moronic), I am very disappointed that an essential tool we relied on has been discontinued- Hangouts on Air.

Hangouts on Air was fantastic because you could have a Google Hangout with 25 live streaming participants and an unlimited audience on YouTube watching. We used this for many company meetings for leadership to discuss the state of the company with our couple of hundred employees.

Youtube has nothing to replace it. This is an immense disappointment and makes me consider moving to Microsoft as they do a much better job of not pulling the rug out from under customers.

P.S. – my single favorite thing about basecamp / 37 signals is that they have kept each previous version of BC live. I use the newest version for most projects, but it is very convenient to have some old projects on BC 1 and 2. This long term reliability is the major reason I have used them for 8+ years now. I highly recommend all other SAAS providers to take note of this practice.