USA Should Not Support Middle East Dictatorships

I think a lot of the radicalized people throughout the region would be far less violent if they did not continuously have to fight corrupt dictators. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and Iran are all run by dictators that will do or say anything to retain power. The USA should stop giving them support and arms, and work towards setting up democracies like those in Japan or Germany.

Fitness Coming Back

I have been training hard to regain my fitness since my knee injury. Tonight I had one of my best one mile times at 8:23 since the injury. I also have been spending the last couple of weeks trying to do circuit training most days. I have a whole sheet and charts and reports set up to track that circuit training. I also played a round of golf this morning and walked most of it.

Trump Vs Hitler

People often talk about what would happen if someone could go back in time to remove Hitler from power and stop World War 2 and the genocides that came from it. If you could go back and stop 60 million deaths (about 3% of the world’s population at the time) by sacrificing your own life to stop Hitler, would you do it?

I find this to be a fascinating question. I think many people would say yes. When it actually comes to action though, I think there are very few who would sacrifice their own lives to stop Hitler.

Why do I think few people would stop Hitler? Because no one has yet tried to stop Trump. There are a ton of similarities between Hitler and Trump:

  • Both constantly attacked the media as fake news (read Mein Kampf for more on this).
  • Both attack any critics as traitors (Mueller for example is a Republican with a highly respected reputation for always being a methodical and by the book guy).
  • Both routinely threaten foreign powers.
  • Both demonize immigrants / foreigners
  • Both want to imprison his political opponents and fires competent people who disagree with them on immoral decisions
  • Both continues to run political rallies constantly even after they have won the election

Trump has shown himself to have a few of his own unique evil qualities:

  • Committing tax fraud over many years against his fellow citizens
  • His closest associates are criminals
  • He supports continuing to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia, though the CIA publicly stated we know their leader murdered a Washington Post journalist who criticized him.

Trump tweeted the following message just a few months ago:


That is a direct threat to major nation. This should terrify the entire world.

Donald Trump has the power to alone order the launch of thousands of nuclear weapons. He clearly stated above that he is willing (and possibly will) use this power. He made similar threats to North Korea. He has hinted at this to China.

World War 2 killed 3% of the world’s population, World War 3 would probably kill a much higher percentage. People all over SAY they would sacrifice themselves to kill Hitler, but the modern day incarnation of Hitler is Donald Trump and he has gone unscathed.

Thomas Jefferson once said, “Every generation needs a revolution.

Patrick Henry once said, “Give me liberty, or give me death!



For the first time in 500 days, I had a couple of glasses of wine last night while I was golfing with Ryan and Audrey. I was standing at the bar while they got beers and with only a little encouragement, I decided to get a glass of wine. I think it was all the caffeine I had at breakfast. Caffeine is the gateway drug. I had no tolerance and so felt the effects pretty strongly. I noticed I couldn’t speak well and that I felt a little nauseous. My golfing was actually pretty good, I think because it reduced nerves and had me swing from my core instead of my arms. I am thinking to go back to no drinking though… I just don’t need it to have a good life.

Trump Supports Murderous Dictatorships
For Trump it’s “If you have money, power and kill and oppress people, then that’s okay with me. But if you’re poor and only want a better life for your family, then you are invading our country.”

Without a free press, we are not free.

Soon we may find ourselves without freedom too.

Intelligence is not Strongly Related to School Performance

School performance is NOT a great indicator of intellect. The most successful people I know did just enough to get by decently in school and spent the rest of their efforts on activities that made them happy or were more productive. People who drove themselves crazy working as hard as they could in school generally didn’t get anywhere in the real world.

Pelosi Cannot Lead Democrats

As Trump said, it would be his dream to have Pelosi lead the Democrats. She is the perfect person for him to villainize to replace Hillary Clinton. The Democrats need a fresh and confident face, someone who could build a following like Obama did and beat Trump in 2020.

I am a libertarian and share the Republicans small government values… But Trump is an evil dictator who believes in nothing but himself.