Women’s Fashion

I am probably the least qualified person in the universe to discuss women’s fashion. I’m going to do it anyways, because I think I finally started to recognize something most people already see: that women’s fashion is not designed to impress men, but to impress other women. Women wear ridiculously unattractive things like Uggs, princess t-shirts, too much makeup, big hats, too much tanning lotion, leg warmers, etc.… read more “Women’s Fashion”

King Of America: Policy on Sports & Crime

When I take over my duties as King of America, I will be instituting a series of policies meant to resolve the major issues facing our nation today. Today, I am going to discuss my beautiful solution that kills two big problems with one stone: Crime and lack of entertainment.

America right now has over 2.2 million people currently in prison.… read more “King Of America: Policy on Sports & Crime”

Heather isn’t at fault

I just read Jordan’s blog entry on Justin staying in school. Jordan’s absolutely correct, Justin must stay in school.

However, I hate how everyone in our family always blames other people when they fail in their responsibilities. If Justin fails in school, it’ll be his own damned fault. He is the idiot who decided he needed to waste his money on a single, he is the one who made a decision to drop a class, he is the one who allows himself to be distracted constantly.… read more “Heather isn’t at fault”

Absolute Domination

The New England Patriots right now look like the greatest football team ever assembled. They not only have one of the most potent offenses, but their defense is smothering.

I watched their game on Sunday against the Washington Redskins (4-2) a good team with a top defense. Not only did Tom Brady rip them for 52 points, but they pitched a shutout until garbage time in the 4th quarter with 3 minutes left and defensive backups playing when the Redskins got a touchdown.… read more “Absolute Domination”