Branding: Recognition in One Second

Successful brands are instantly recognizable anywhere.

If you hear any snippet of the McDonald’s jingle, you know what it is.

If you see The New York Times from a distance, you know what it is even though you can’t read the title.

If you walked into your favorite bar blindfolded, you would know it just by its smell.

How can you make your brand more recognizable?

How to Be a Better Leader

Practice being a leader.

Do you want to be a better boss at work? A better parent to your children?

Practice, Practice, Practice!

How do you practice being a leader?

  • Start a ___ group
  • Coach a kids football or basketball team
  • Throw a big party

But how do you know if you are becoming a better leader?

Focus on bottom line results.  Is your profit increasing? Are your kids more successful in school/life? Compare results month to month, quarter to quarter and year to year.

Bruffy’s Tow in Marina Del Rey, CA

The following is, as always, my personal opinion and view of the situation.

Allow me to introduce you to Bruffy’s Tow in Marina Del Rey, CA.  The owner, Kevin Bruff , is probably the most honest tow truck operator I have run across (not that I meet that many lol).  After my car was towed twice in one week out of Venice, CA I was very unhappy and believed that there was some sort of malfeasance occurring.  I wrote an blog post about Bruff’s Tow after talking to Mr. Bruff and not resolving the situation satisfactorily.  Mr. Bruff called me back again and explained the situation more clearly and how his police impound garage works.  I believe that Bruffy’s Tow is a straightforward operation that only tows vehicles they have a clear right to tow.   No one likes being towed, but I do understand that towing is a necessary operation for a city with limited space to function well.

My problem needs to be taken up with the DOT- a giant faceless bureaucracy that I’m sure will be much more difficult to deal with than Kevin Bruff & his company.  The city did not post signage 24 hours in advance of a temporary tow zone being created and thus my car was towed.  That was not Bruffy’s Tow’s fault… they have nothing to do with the posting of signage and just come out when a parking enforcement officer lets them know. I am working on taking this to something called the “Western Adjudication Division”- but have had no responses yet.

Human Connection in Business

Many businesses that we interact with have a lot of information on who we are and what we like, but never use it.  The businesses that do use the information they have about us are greatly appreciated.  Examples:

  1. The waiter who when you walk into the restaurant says, “Hi Joel, Welcome back to Quinn’s! I know you love dark beer and I have a new one on tap.  May I offer you a complimentary glass?”
  2. The website that you visit that has a subheader that says, “Welcome Joel.  When you were last here you visited link, link, link.”
  3. The pizza delivery company that recognizes your phone number when you call and says, “Hi Joel.  I see you are one pizza order away from getting a free large pizza.  Would you like the extra pizza now or next time? Are you currently at 15 Paloma Ave?
  4. The casino manager who greets you by saying, “Welcome back to the Palms, Joel.  Is there anything I can do to make your stay better?”

Businesses that don’t use this information about their customers are going to get beat every time by businesses that do use it.  People like to be cared for, respected, and to have a connection with your company. Amazon uses all of this information to an extraordinarily high level and is crushing competitors left and right.  Are you going quit being lazy and start making your customers feel at home?