Other Countries Screwing American Companies

Most countries have regulated or semi-regulated economies, while only the United States has a mostly free economy. So what happens when companies from a free market compete with companies in a closed market? Usually they are far more efficient and more competitive, so the companies in the closed economy turn to their government for help. Closed economy ccompanies are not innovative or hard-working because every time they have a problem they turn to their tangled, inefficient government bureacracies to bail them out.… read more “Other Countries Screwing American Companies”

World Trade Center Memorial

The bungling government has once again revealed it’s own inadequacy. A report released yesterday stated that the World Trade Center Memorial is years behind schedule and will cost billions of dollars more than originally predicted. More than a dozen different agencies all have to have their say and none of them can agree and all of them have ridiculous requests that are completely meaningless to anyone outside of the red tape bureacracy.… read more “World Trade Center Memorial”

Cruel Intentions Destroy The Ladies Man In The End

Some of the men I know are legends with the ladies and they know it. They have cultivatd a talent to make women fall hopelessly and intensely in love with them, while they remain aloof and above it all. These men aren’t self-described “players”, but rather bring genuine charm and romantic ability to bear on others.… read more “Cruel Intentions Destroy The Ladies Man In The End”

The Sorry String Of Love

Through my life, I have noticed that many times the person an individual loves most does not love them back the same way. Instead that person loves someone else most, who in turn does not love them back.

People still fall in love with each other; if you spend enough time with many people you will eventually love them.… read more “The Sorry String Of Love”

Is Joel Right On Economy?

For a long time now I’ve been saying the American economy is in some deep trouble from the massive mismanagement of our national debt, the curtailing of the free economy by ridiculous regulations that don’t protect anyone (mortgage industry with Fannie Mae & Sallie Mae), troubles in the stock market and investment banks, general economic troubles, and America’s potential bankruptcy.… read more “Is Joel Right On Economy?”

How to Get Out The Vote

All the sleazy politicians in our country try to get out the vote (get people to go vote at polling stations) by any means possible. Fortunately for us, our sleazy politicians don’t have the same get out the vote mechanisms as Mugabe does in Zimbabwe. Mugabe is threatening the populace to go vote so he has a giant landslide victory… although it’s essentially a one candidate race.… read more “How to Get Out The Vote”

WordPress Pageinated Comments

I am now using the wordpress pageinated comments plugin for my website. It basically breaks down the comments section into pages of ten, in descending order. I did it for 2 reasons, 1 because certain pages were getting overloaded with comments and 2 because I think it may help with my site’s search engine optimization.
I need my users feedback on whether or not it makes it easier to understand my big comments pages.… read more “WordPress Pageinated Comments”