Other Countries Screwing American Companies

Most countries have regulated or semi-regulated economies, while only the United States has a mostly free economy. So what happens when companies from a free market compete with companies in a closed market? Usually they are far more efficient and more competitive, so the companies in the closed economy turn to their government for help. Closed economy ccompanies are not innovative or hard-working because every time they have a problem they turn to their tangled, inefficient government bureacracies to bail them out. How do these closed countries economies bail them out? The closed countries economies fine the American companies huge amounts of money for silly things, force the American companies to give their trade secrets to the less effective competitors and sometimes flat out steal the American companies assets. Some example of this phenomenon are listed below.

  • Hugo Chavez, the socialist thief who leads Venezuela, has been aggressively nationalizing oil companies, electrical companies and parts of the stock market. American oil companies, including Chevron, have had billions of dollars stolen from them by Hugo Chavez and his so-called “nationalization” (basically stealing foreigners assets in the country). ‘
  • The European Union has repeatedly screwed American high-tech firms, with Microsoft taking the biggest hits. The EU’s companies are inefficient and poorly run, but the EU aggressively tries to help them through laws & courts. The EU passed laws forcing Microsoft to share it’s trade secrets and when Microsoft didn’t share as much as the EU wanted, it started fining them… total fines are well over a billion dollars now.
  • Boeing also has been forced to give trade secrets to Airbus. Boeing receives some tax cuts from the US, but Airbus receives billions of dollars in direct aid from European governments so that it can try to compete with Boeing.

These are just some of the more glaring cases of foreign government cheating American companies. Most smaller American companies operating abroad must deal with similar egregious treatment from foreign governments. American companies cannot even publicize the fact that they are getting screwed for fear of angering the foreign governments.

World Trade Center Memorial

The bungling government has once again revealed it’s own inadequacy. A report released yesterday stated that the World Trade Center Memorial is years behind schedule and will cost billions of dollars more than originally predicted. More than a dozen different agencies all have to have their say and none of them can agree and all of them have ridiculous requests that are completely meaningless to anyone outside of the red tape bureacracy.

What would I do differently?

Sell the property to the highest bidder, with the stipulation that the new building must be twice as high as the originals. Right now, we are knuckling under to the terrorists- they wanted us to change from our capitalist system that walks around with a giant pair to a cowering ineffective government bureacracy- and they have accomplished their goals.

I would build a new World Trade Center building twice as high as the old ones and pack it full of innovative productive people. I would install an anti-missile and anti-aircraft system on the roof using the best modern technologies and would improve security to prevent van/truck bombs from coming near.

Allowing the government to manage this project was the worst decision that could possibly have been made.

Cruel Intentions Destroy The Ladies Man In The End

Some of the men I know are legends with the ladies and they know it. They have cultivatd a talent to make women fall hopelessly and intensely in love with them, while they remain aloof and above it all. These men aren’t self-described “players”, but rather bring genuine charm and romantic ability to bear on others. The men who do this end up harming themselves though, since they use that same charisma and finely honed talent not only on women they are interested in, but inevitably on everyone around them.

When I have honest conversations with these guys, they often reveal the same thing: either that they feel isolated or they feel like frauds. I think that to be a true “ladies man”, you lose or greatly diminish the ability to express yourself openly. To go from woman to woman and not fall in love and just take from them requires the men to shut down or numb their ability to open themselves freely and honestly… and losing this ability is losing the ability to allow your heart to speak. Men who have cultivated the ability to connect with any women they choose gain the ability to manipulate the way their emotions appear and send false signals to different women and connect with whomever they choose. In doing so though, the men have lost the ability to send off genuine signals of their own.

These are the men who end up marrying the most beautiful, intelligent woman they can find who loves them unconditionally… but these men can never love the women back properly or have a connection to really express themselves intimately. Their lives are lived in cold loneliness and occasionally a slow anguish bubbles to the surface.

More on this later if anyone is interested… right now it’s time for my flag football game.

The Sorry String Of Love

Through my life, I have noticed that many times the person an individual loves most does not love them back the same way. Instead that person loves someone else most, who in turn does not love them back.

People still fall in love with each other; if you spend enough time with many people you will eventually love them. What I’m talking about is different though…. I am talking about that feeling of urgent desire for someone else that doesn’t go away, when even when you are together you can’t get enough of them. Someone who you love everything about even from the start. Someone who’s name not only pops into your head all the time, but when it does it gives you a chill. The person for whom you know you would do anything for, just to have them smile at you.

Out of all of the hundreds or perhaps thousands of couples I have met, onlyy a few both loved each other this way. Usually, one person loves the other in this intense way while the other person is just sort of comfortable with it. After time goes by, the other person grows to love the one who is so passionately in love. But their love is of a different kind- more brotherly love with a tinge of pity.

I don’t think it’s that there are just a few people out there that everyone else falls passionately in love with… I think that everyone has the potential to be loved this way by the right person under the right circumstances. I have loved other people in this way and I have had other people love me this way, but never has it happened to be mutual. Almost always one person loves the other this way while the other person just tolerates it. Most marriages are this way in my opinion- one person loves intensely and the other person settles. Biological clocks start to ring and people get scared and settle for each other.

Is this process sad? In some ways. Is it bad? I don’t think so…

How can you tell which person is which in these situations? Simply ask them what they like best about the other person. The one who is intensely in love will look a little confused and will give you a rambling answer… the question of why they love is almost irrelevant to them: “She just has that sparkle in her eyes…” or “He gives me butterflies when I look at him”. An example of someone professing this type of intense love is Lena Chen on the Sex in the Ivy Blog (/Sex and the Ivy Blog lol)… she is someone who is highly articulate, but can’t really explain how she feels about “Summer Guy”.

The person who may love the other, but not in the same intense way will be more eloquent and will talk about the person they love’s intelligence, beauty, honesty, humor, good personality, wealth, connections, success, and the how much that person loves them. All of this will be spoken of in quantifiable-sounding terms: “She is the hottest and smartest girl I’ve ever dated” or “He is very good at making me laugh and just has that puppy dog look when he looks at me”.

The person who loves so intensely usually has much less power in these relationships. Ultimately, the intense lover can’t walk away from the relationship without massive emotional struggle and pain, while the other person can move on quickly. I have been on both sides of these relationships and though the person who can walk away has more power and usually more happiness, I would rather be the intense lover. Nothing else can make you feel so alive.

The dream is to have a relationship where both people intensely love each other, but I’m not sure if these are possible. The very nature of them usually turns one person or the other cold.. it’s like two positively charged forces pushed together; they will repel each other or one of them will turn negative and become the standard lover.

Of course, relationships where both people are sort of blase about the other don’t last either. When hard times come, the glue of intense love isn’t there to patch up the problems.

I think the pinnacle of life is to find someone who you love intensely without reserve and who in turn loves you back in the same way, even if it is only for a short time before one person loses the intensity and perhaps even settles. I am a person who will never be a settler- my nature demands that I love intensely with single minded drive… even if the other person doesn’t love me back in the same way and I know it.

WASP Knife Review

The WASP Knife is a tactical knife that injects a frozen ball of compressed gas approximately the size of a basketball at 850 PSI directly into it’s victim. The WASP Knife is primarily used for diving when a diver is attacked by a predator like a shark. Capable of bringing down most large land or water animals quickly. One of the coolest features of the knife is that it will not allow the predator to leak blood into the water till the predator has reached the surface of the water, thus keeping the diver protected from other predators who nearby who could smell the blood.

I think that the WASP Knife is a very interesting concept and sounds like it would be very dangerous if it was every applied to human combat.

Is Joel Right On Economy?

For a long time now I’ve been saying the American economy is in some deep trouble from the massive mismanagement of our national debt, the curtailing of the free economy by ridiculous regulations that don’t protect anyone (mortgage industry with Fannie Mae & Sallie Mae), troubles in the stock market and investment banks, general economic troubles, and America’s potential bankruptcy.

Now my worst fears are coming true, as reported by the New York Times.

  • Oil is now priced at over $140/ barrel due to our mismanagement of OPEC, the lack of new oil refineries, the weakening dollar and the Iraq War.
  • General Motors and Ford are both expected to default on their corporate debt in the next five years. GM’s stock price is now down the lowest point in over 30 years (1974).
  • The Dow crashed 358 points on Thursday to 11,453 points.
  • The Fed sold out free market principles and bailed out a private company (Bear Stearns.) The Fed also has done all it can for the markets by lowering interest rates and providing liquidity.. but the market is still going down.
  • The US dollar is at a record low versus the Euro and it continues to decline. Our money is becoming worthless.

What do you guys think of our current economic condition and where is it going?

How to Get Out The Vote

All the sleazy politicians in our country try to get out the vote (get people to go vote at polling stations) by any means possible. Fortunately for us, our sleazy politicians don’t have the same get out the vote mechanisms as Mugabe does in Zimbabwe. Mugabe is threatening the populace to go vote so he has a giant landslide victory… although it’s essentially a one candidate race. People who don’t go vote will face repercussions. Scary stuff.

WordPress Pageinated Comments

I am now using the wordpress pageinated comments plugin for my website. It basically breaks down the comments section into pages of ten, in descending order. I did it for 2 reasons, 1 because certain pages were getting overloaded with comments and 2 because I think it may help with my site’s search engine optimization.
I need my users feedback on whether or not it makes it easier to understand my big comments pages. Go look at the Joel Osteen post (open it in a new window by right clicking link and hitting new window/tab) and scroll down to the comments and let me know what you think by commenting back on this page.

More helpful? Less helpful?

I really like the wordpress pageinated comments plugin from an SEO standpoint because it breaks my comments into separate pages with unique content that all link back to the original article, boosting it’s strength.