Tel Aviv to be “Gay Capital”

A friend pointed out an article about Tel Aviv and it’s desire to be the gay capital of the world and asked me to write a post on it – “i think you should do a post on your web asite about tel aviv becoming the gay capital. because not only is it funny but it raises the question of religions point of view on homosexuality.… read more “Tel Aviv to be “Gay Capital””

Joel Osteen Mans Up

Someone sent me this video of Joel Osteen and the message he would be preaching if he were a true Christian. Joel Osteen is usually a touchy-feely, very watered down pastor who doesn’t talk much about God or Jesus and mostly focuses on self help bullcrap. did a great job putting together this video of Joel Osteen having him say such things as “the whole world is going to hell!”… read more “Joel Osteen Mans Up”

King of America: 2nd Amendment- The Right to Bear Arms

I want a nuclear weapon.

I have a right to have a nuclear weapon.

So screw you liberal bastards, I’m going to get me a nuclear weapon.

The purpose of the 2nd amendment was to give the people power over the government. Without the right to bear arms, the government can do as it pleases without listening to the people.… read more “King of America: 2nd Amendment- The Right to Bear Arms”

Eyealike- So You Can Marry Mom!

Just spotted an interesting new startup on TechCrunch- Eyealike. Eyealike is a company that provides video & image recognition software to dating networks. Evidently a deal with one of the majors ( is in the works and we’ll see it soon.. But I’m wondering if anyone stopped to THINK before running full speed ahead with this eyedea (ok, ok super-cheesy, I know).… read more “Eyealike- So You Can Marry Mom!”

Seth Lesser: Sleazeball Lawyer Scams Rockstar Games

Seth R. Lesser, the lead lawyer in the lawsuit brought against Rockstar Games for their video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, is a complete dirtbag lawyer. Grand Theft Auto had a hidden sex scene “easter egg” buried in the game that could only be accessed by people who knew exactly what they were looking for using third party software.… read more “Seth Lesser: Sleazeball Lawyer Scams Rockstar Games”

WSU Football Dangerous for Student-Athletes

According to a recent article in the Seattle Times about WSU football, going to the university in podunk Pullman can be harmful for your mental health if you are a student-athlete. Fully 25 WSU players have been charged with offenses that carry jail time- not a good environment for football players.

A bit from the article I found especially interesting was-

“Wulff’s challenges hardly end there.… read more “WSU Football Dangerous for Student-Athletes”

How Urinating In Sinks Saves the Environment

I recently discovered an excellent way to help conserve water and energy- urinating in the sink in bathrooms that have no urinal. Each time you flush a toilet, you are wasting over a gallon of water and in older toilets, several gallons. After you flush, a lot of energy is used to refill the toilet with water for the next flush.… read more “How Urinating In Sinks Saves the Environment”