How Urinating In Sinks Saves the Environment

I recently discovered an excellent way to help conserve water and energy- urinating in the sink in bathrooms that have no urinal. Each time you flush a toilet, you are wasting over a gallon of water and in older toilets, several gallons. After you flush, a lot of energy is used to refill the toilet with water for the next flush.

So my suggestion for men is to urinate in the sink in bathrooms that have no urinal. I actually think it is fairly sanitary- just point the urine stream at the holes in the drain and make sure you don’t splatter. When you are finished, turn on the sink while you wash your hands and all the urine will drain away. Brilliant!

Sorry ladies, you cannnot urinate in the sink because it is unsanitary and unsafe to sit on a sink. Urinating in sinks is a guy’s only club. I can sense the glass ceiling thickening… 😉

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Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

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  1. I have urinated in sinks for years for environmental and water conservation reasons. However, today I went on google and there is some evidence that unless the urine is fully flushed down calcium may accumulate in the pipes. I am not a plumber nor a chemist. So I will keep looking.

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