Another example of doctors pricing power

An acquaintance had late stage cancer. Her family had been wealthy (her grandfather actually built and sat on the board of the hospital she was going to) but that was past. The cancer made it very difficult for her to earn money, and she fell way behind on her bills. A lawyer friend came to town to review the bills with the hospital and work out an arrangement.… read more “Another example of doctors pricing power”


I am reading a book right now titled “Superintelligence” that analyzes the prospects of artificial intelligence reaching human or higher levels in the near future.

We are getting very, very close to what is called the “intelligence explosion”. Computer hardware and software and biological- machine interfaces are improving at an exponential rate right now.  We now have robotic arms and hands that can be entirely controlled with the mind for disabled people, remote controlled (and sometimes autonomous) warfare, machine learning software, genetic / evolution based software, self driving transportation, and tens of millions of working industrial robots.… read more “Superintelligence”


I got sick the last couple of days for the first time in many months. It felt a bit like bronchitis as I had a low fever, productive cough, and sore throat.

I think that getting my tooth extracted earlier in the week may have knocked down my usually robust immune system, making me more vulnerable to infection.… read more “Health”

Interviews in the TV Room

Coalition today has come a long way since our humble beginnings. It was only two years ago that we were still interviewing new job candidates in our buildings TV room! We are already bursting at the seams in our new office and are trying to get the space next door. Exciting times ahead!

Daily Tracking Of My Life Rockets Goals Ahead

I am the owner of a successful and profitable company with 60+ full time employees, am in good shape physically, and have maintained strong relationships with my family and friends. How have I been able to accomplish my goals? Through daily progress tracking on things that are most important to me. Here is a partial screenshot for the last view days:


I have been tracking in a spreadsheet on Google Docs my goals daily since January 11, 2012.… read more “Daily Tracking Of My Life Rockets Goals Ahead”

The Power of Web Applications

I have really been working hard lately on improving my development capabilities, and have been making significant progress. I am at work building 3 tools for my company that should help in a really big way:

  • Recruiting
  • Training
  • Time Management

Each of these tools should automate and streamline some relatively inefficient processes. I am very excited about it!