New Upgrade

I have decided to simplify my blog greatly. I have moved directly onto and moved the old seo / web design site to Still working to get the proper 301 redirects in place with Aman. I also changed to a super simple theme that is pretty minimalist and also activated AMP for mobile pages.

Education system

​Why do we stick with the technology of two hundred years ago in education? Back then, our cutting edge technologies were the printing press manufacturing expensive textbooks and other human beings repeating themselves over and over again to small groups of students.

Why do we still have millions of teachers and billions upon billions of dollars in textbooks and other physical infrastructure?… read more “Education system”

Ground Fall

I have been climbing for six years now and yesterday had my first incident where I was on belay and my climber had a groundfall after clipping one bolt. Fortunately, we were indoors at Cliffs of Id and had thick padding so he was uninjured other than a rope burn. It was embarrassing and I felt really bad though… that should never happen when I am belaying.… read more “Ground Fall”

Working Weekends And Loving It

I work most weekends on Coalition and I love it. It’s time when I get all day uninterrupted to focus in and make improvements to the business.

This last weekend I spent 14 hours on Saturday trying to learn about websockets and get them set up on Scoretask. Unfortunately, this was a failure, but it did lead me to upgrade to the latest version (5.3) of Laravel.  … read more “Working Weekends And Loving It”

Process Aging & Updating Processes

It’s amazing how quickly time goes by. The last time I updated our “Company History” document was two years ago… feels like I just updated it yesterday. We have created 390 GB and hundreds of thousands of tracking, process, and other docs on our Google Drive. Some of these have aged and need updating. I spent all day yesterday updating our primary processes we use for running the company and I still have a lot left to do.… read more “Process Aging & Updating Processes”