In Praise of Laurel

I am extraordinarily fortunate to have married Laurel. She has been the perfect partner for me. She is sweet, intelligent, reasonable, kind, sexy, and treats me very well. Being with her has made me a much better person; I’ve stopped drinking, I treat people better, my old anger has slid away, and my business is booming like never before.… read more “In Praise of Laurel”

Fixing Income Inequality By Fixing Property Rights

America has severe problems with special interests getting too strong of property rights and harming the public good. A few examples of this:

  • Tech companies can patent software design (which is just simple processes). This prevents competition from entering the market and allows abuses like patent trolling. Software should never be patentable.
  • Pharmaceutical companies┬ácan patent drugs and hold onto those for many years.
read more “Fixing Income Inequality By Fixing Property Rights”

New House Setup

Getting this new house setup has been kind of a pain because it is impossible to get contractors out to help right now. I have been trying to get the Crestron guy to come and fix the system and install it on my computer, I need the original builder to come explain what they did with HVAC, I need to get the floors fixed and lots of other stuff.

AWS Architecture I Think I Want

I am planning on updating the architecture for TestedRecruits (The new name for ProvenRecruits as that one might be taken).

Basically, I would like 3 regions – Singapore, Oregon, East Coast.

I want to use Route 53 to automatically direct traffic to the region with lowest latency.

I want to use RDS or Aurora as the MySQL db instance and have a master in Oregon and read replicas in the other regions.… read more “AWS Architecture I Think I Want”

Army Futures Command

Another guaranteed multi-billion dollar boondoggle. The sheer incompetency of big government bureaucracy is staggering. And Trump wants to throw many billions more into garbage like this. The Founders are rolling in their graves that not only do we have a standing army against their wishes, but that it is the single largest expense of our economy.… read more “Army Futures Command”