Google Penguin Penalty – SEO Repair Team

Penguins are majestic, docile creatures that touch our hearts with their unspeakable beauty and unparalleled grace of movement. But Google Penguin is a fierce, horrifying beast which crushes our souls with its merciless wrath and and unforgiving nature. It’s not much of a stretch to suspect that Google Penguin was named after the cruel and cunning criminal from the Batman saga, because if your website has fallen prey to this villainous search engine algorithm, you understand firsthand just how unfair the Gotham City of CyberSpace can actually be.… read more “Google Penguin Penalty – SEO Repair Team”

Profit Share

I am the only person who could roll out a program where I pay people more money that they had not expected out of my own pocket, then have half of them become suspicious and have one of the managers threaten to quit over it.

Magento WordPress Integration

As an ecommerce platform and content management system, Magento is world renowned for its reliability, flexibility, ease of use, cost and customer service. Perhaps that’s why nearly 1 percent of websites in the entire world use Magento (according to a November 2013 estimate by W3Techs). As the founder of a leading Los Angeles Magento services firm, I have been actively using and marveling at Magento since its initial release in 2008, but even I’ll admit that the platform is far from perfect.… read more “Magento WordPress Integration”

Working with BigCommerce Templates

You may have noticed that the market for e-commerce shopping carts has become pretty saturated over the past couple of years, with new platforms emerging on a seemingly weekly basis. Even established Web enterprises like Yahoo and eBay have joined the fray, but there is one solution that remains a preferred choice among seasoned developers and non-tech-savvy webmasters alike.… read more “Working with BigCommerce Templates”

Finding Your Company’s Voice

If you were asked to define the voice of your business, how easy would you be able to do it? My company has been providing Los Angeles branding services for years, and it never ceases to amaze me how many businesses invest heavily in their brand without giving any thought to voice. A brand without a voice is like a novel without a clear narrative; it’s the essence of how you communicate your message to the world, and yet so many still fall short.… read more “Finding Your Company’s Voice”

Prioritizing Your SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) has undergone more changes than Miley Cyrus’s reputation, and it can be exceedingly difficult to keep up with the trends. Not so long ago, we were instructed to simply build as many links to our websites as possible. Then keyword research became a priority. Then we were told that certain links could harm us rather than help us.… read more “Prioritizing Your SEO Strategy”

Los Angeles Government SEO Agencies – Why You Need the Best

Is your government agency struggling to achieve prominent search engine rankings? It may be time to opt for a more specialized search engine optimization (SEO) firm. SEO was once a linear exercise, which involved little more than building inbound links and creating content, but in the last couple of years, it has become a complex game of cat-and-mouse, with agencies constantly trying to remain one step ahead of the ever-evolving Google curve.… read more “Los Angeles Government SEO Agencies – Why You Need the Best”