Working with BigCommerce Templates

You may have noticed that the market for e-commerce shopping carts has become pretty saturated over the past couple of years, with new platforms emerging on a seemingly weekly basis. Even established Web enterprises like Yahoo and eBay have joined the fray, but there is one solution that remains a preferred choice among seasoned developers and non-tech-savvy webmasters alike. I am referring, of course, to BigCommerce. As a major Los Angeles BigCommerce services provider, I have been working with this unique and versatile platform from the very beginning, and I notice that many users are drawn to it merely for its superior themes.

Choosing BigCommerce Templates

If you ask your average online business owner what they look for in an eCommerce platform, they might say that they want something that’s easy to use, or offers a wide array of features. There is one characteristic, though, that every online business owner is concerned with: the aesthetic. In other words, I want to build a site that not only does what I need it to do, but that looks polished and professional, as though it were custom-built from the ground up by a professional designer-developer. Los Angeles BigCommerce services is a veritable godsend in this respect, because the company has more than 100 professional themes that are available to all of its 50,000+ customers. Just browse the library and select the theme you want to use.

Using BigCommerce Templates

At this point, you might be thinking, “Why would I want to use a template that 3,000 other stores are already using?” That’s a fair question, because nobody likes a cookie cutter website. Fortunately, you have three options for making your site your own.

  1. Choose your own designs and color schemes. The nice thing about BigCommerce is that the themes are customizable. You’re not limited to the default configurations, and you can enhance and manipulate the look of your storefront using basic WYSIWYG editors and simple point-and-click commands.

  2. Edit your source code. As a developer, I have always appreciated the fact that BigCommerce allows its users full access to the HTML and CSS code. If you have a knack for back-end customization, you can manipulate existing themes to your exact liking, or even create your very own.

  3. Employ the services of a knowledgeable design and development team. If you don’t know your HTML from your YMCA, but you still want to derive the maximum customization benefit from your BigCommerce website, you can hire an experienced Los Angeles BigCommerce services partner to help you bring your vision to life.

Los Angeles BigCommerce Services from Coalition Technologies

If that third option sounds like something you might want to pursue further, I encourage you to call Coalition Technologies for a free quote at (877) 989-7187. We are a certified BigCommerce partner, and have helped dozens of business to enhance and beautify their storefronts. Let us show you what we can do for you.

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