Best New Computers On The Market Today

Below is the results of my extensive research on the best new computer options in buying a new computer. I also attached an excel spreadsheet file that can help you decide whether a laptop or a desktop is best for you: New-Computer-Decision Excel File

Desktop: $2850 (i7-3770 (3.4 ghz), 32 GB Ram, 2TB HD w/ 256GB SSD Ram, Nvidia Geforce GTX660 1.5 GB) more “Best New Computers On The Market Today”

North Korea Explicitly Threatening US with Nuclear Missiles

I don’t know if you have been looking at the news lately but North Korea and its inbred psychotic leader has repeatedly been threatening to nuke the United States and even publishing pictures of its “plans” to do so. Most policy experts are saying Kim Jong In is just solidifying his power… but what if the nutjob is serious?… read more “North Korea Explicitly Threatening US with Nuclear Missiles”

Volusion SEO Firm – Choose Coalition Technologies

You’ve finally launched your online store using the Volusion eCommerce software platform.  Now that the cyber-doors are open, you need customers and you’re probably wondering how to get attention for your store. As the founder of L.A.’s leading SEO firm, I know the dilemma all too well.

Volusion SEO

Perhaps you’ve tried using the search engine optimization tools already included in your Volusion package.… read more “Volusion SEO Firm – Choose Coalition Technologies”

Business Idea: Open Exercise Gyms in Airports

I have a five hour layover in Santiago Chile on my way home from Buenos Aires. I REALLY wish I could do a workout there. As a matter of fact I would pay up to $15 to be able to do so. I am sure a lot of other people feel the same way. I wonder if anyone has ever had the business idea to open exercise gyms in airports and if they ever executed on that business idea?

LA’s Superior Court Juror Online Orientation- SKIP IT HERE

Do you dread sitting through the silly 1 hour long Los Angeles Superior Court Online Orientation for jurors? If so, there is an easy way to skip it using these simple directions:

  1. Use Google Chrome as your browser and login to the Online Orientation and get started with it.
  2. Click the play button on the first video
  3. Hit Ctrl + Shift + I
  4. Click on the tiny icon in the bottom left corner for the console (second from the left).
read more “LA’s Superior Court Juror Online Orientation- SKIP IT HERE”