LA’s Superior Court Juror Online Orientation- SKIP IT HERE

Do you dread sitting through the silly 1 hour long Los Angeles Superior Court Online Orientation for jurors? If so, there is an easy way to skip it using these simple directions:

  1. Use Google Chrome as your browser and login to the Online Orientation and get started with it.
  2. Click the play button on the first video
  3. Hit Ctrl + Shift + I
  4. Click on the tiny icon in the bottom left corner for the console (second from the left).
  5. Sorry about this step – I forgot the name of the function you need to type in the console. So right click on the page, click “view source”, then hit Ctrl + F to open the search dialogue, type in “continue” and there will be a function named something like “DisplayContinueButton()”. Take this function name and type it into the console like so DisplayContinueButton() and hit enter. Now the continue button should be displayed even though you didnt watch the whole video. Rinse and repeat for each video.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.