Human Spam

I went to the Bellevue Entrepreneur’s meetup tonight and met some interesting people.  Some of them had legitimate businesses and some were what I dub “human spam”.  One woman was selling diet pills that allow you “to lose weight with no exercise or changes in what you eat!”.  Another man was involved in a multi-level marketing scheme selling holiday cards.  … read more “Human Spam”

Can One Merchant Account Run Multiple Websites?

Merchant services is one of the most confusing parts of running an online business.  Right now, I find myself asking “Can one merchant services account run multiple websites?”  I have done some research and found a few options.

If you have a generic business name, such as “Internet Orders” you may be able to set up multiple websites in different niches using one merchant account. … read more “Can One Merchant Account Run Multiple Websites?”

Breaking News: Michael Jackson Dead of Heart Attack

News has just broke that Michael Jackson, the legendary pop star and friend of children everywhere, has died of a heart attack.  Thanks to my younger brother for giving me the news on Michael Jackson.  I am looking around the interwebs to see what other news on Michael Jackson’s death there is.

TMZ has reported that Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest at his home and staff at hospital nearby were unable to revive him.

Suffocating Existentialism

Amazon had good ratings on a book, “The Stranger” by Albert Camus so I bought it.  Reading it took only about two hours tonight and I found it to be a fascinating book about a man who kills another man and goes on trial and is condemned.  Throughout the whole ordeal, the man just does not seem to care much one way or the other, he only exists for the moment and the short term future. … read more “Suffocating Existentialism”


For the last few days, I’ve been sick and haven’t gotten as much done as usual.  Got home after work today and did a little bit on my side projects and am now watching “Satan’s Little Helper”… such a terrible movie lol.  Probably going to turn it off as soon as I’m done eating these nectarines.

Fremont Solstice Parade: Naked Bicyclists

I attended the Fremont Summer Solstice Fair yesterday and had a blast… lots of sun, hippies, drinks, and fun.  I actually sadly missed the nude bicyclists, but I did see about a thousand of them in Portland last weekend.

I do have a question though: As much as I like naked bicyclists, isn’t it against the law? … read more “Fremont Solstice Parade: Naked Bicyclists”