Who to marry

Find someone who will love you as much as your mommy and daddy. They won’t do that at first, so carefully watch their actual behavior and attitude towards their parents, their siblings, and their friends. Do they treat these people with respect and kindness? Do they only speak well of them? Someone who is rude to their mother or father will eventually treat you that way.… read more “Who to marry”

Three economic systems

I have a new idea… There are only three fundamental systems of economics. Economics is really just the methods used to motivate humans to do productive work. Capitalism, which relies on individuals keeping the product of their work to motivate them. Socialism, which uses sharing things equally to motivate people. Dictatorship, which uses violence to motivate people.… read more “Three economic systems”

Conspiracy theories

In my experience with people, I think folks are far too likely to read in planning and malice where simple stupidity is a clearer explanation.

I’ve known a ton of folks in the “elite” and most of them are just as stupid, greedy, and selfish as everyone else.

I think all governments tend to gather more power over time as people who work for the government want to keep their individual job security and pay.… read more “Conspiracy theories”

Chapter 3: The Downward Spiral — Wait But Why


This is actually incredibly true. A lot of the increasing polarization we have seen since the 90s is due to external threats to the United States disappearing, and the United States falling into factions within itself. As the generations that remember the unity that kept Americans together to face the cold war threats die off, the new generations have only known us vs them internally not externally.