Mission Accomplished: PHP Book Finished!

I set a goal for myself to read through the 452 page tome on PHP by Larry Ullman before the end of January and just finished it! Very proud of myself.

It covered everything from basic PHP syntax, variables, error reporting, GET & POST, numbers, random numbers, strings, finding substrings, replacing strings, if conditional, else, elseif, while, switch, for loops, arrays, multidimensional arrays, templates, external files, constants, datetime, sticky forms, output buffering, http headers, cookies, sessions, functions, creating functions, file permissions, writing to files, locking files, reading files, file uploads, directory navigation and creation, mysql databases, mysql error handling, mysql creating databases & tables & data, deleting, updating, regular expressions, matching patterns, literals, metacharacters, quantifiers and classes.

I feel like a genius now.

Jeremy = LOSER

Jeremy insisted on playing one on one basketball with me.

He insisted on playing for a bet.

The bet was that the loser had to post a picture of himself on his own blog and the other guys blog with a caption of “loser”.

Jeremy was given a 4 point head start in a game to 13 by 1’s.

Jeremy = LOSER
Jeremy = LOSER

Can you guess the results?

Now let’s see if Jeremy follows through with his side of the bet and posts this picture with the caption “Jeremy = Loser” on his own blog.

Corporate Web Design in Venice Beach

323-984-9949 – Call for corporate site design now

At Coalition Technologies’ Venice Beach office, our team of expert corporate web designers serves a number of different clients, each with very specific online branding and internet marketing needs.  Working with both large corporations and smaller professional organizations, Coalition Technologies specializes in designing websites that serve as both brand ambassadors and as functional e-commerce platforms, as is needed by our clients.  Maybe you own a restaurant that needs a fresh online appeal, or perhaps you manage a hotel chain that operates in Venice Beach and the surrounding areas and you want to attract more overnighters from other parts of the country.  Or, you could be a local retailer that’s decided it’s time to take your bricks-and-mortar operation online.  Regardless of how challenging or simple your website design requirements and business goals are, Coalition Technologies can tailor a web design package that fits almost any budget.

From basic logo graphics and structural site maps to sleek interactive add-ons and sophisticated SEO and sales conversion considerations, Coalition Technologies offers corporate clients a buffet of web design services to put together powerful, fully functional, properly targeted websites.  Being located in Venice Beach gives our expert digital artists and professional web developers access to a great talent pool and source of inspiration, as they draw from the seething artistic community and cutting-edge multimedia companies that dominate the coastal city.

Having worked with clients large and small, the specialist web design team at Coalition Technologies’ Venice Beach office has experience building sites for a variety of corporations’ internet promotion and marketing purposes.  We’ve launched micro-sites and we’ve created entire online communities – whatever it takes to give our clients a leg up.  We help make corporate web sites into interesting, interactive corporate destinations that keep users involved and engaged in the content we help you deploy.  Whether you’re interested in building a site that appeals to Venice Beach locals or you need an online presence for your nationally available retail products, Coalition Technologies specializes in overhauling your corporate brand identity on the internet to enhance exposure, increase loyalty and boost sales conversions.

The crack team of Venice Beach-based web designers at Coalition Technologies has in-depth experience in taking a so-so, moderately profitable website and turning it into a lean, efficient lead-generating, sales-promoting, data-collecting entity that helps increase clients’ profitability.  We operate be using the most up-to-date marketing practices and tweaking them with innovative keyword and digital asset solutions that strengthen marketing messages and branding efforts on the internet.  We make sure all corporate website designs are compatible across browser types, that all designs are stunning and easy to load, and that all e-commerce platforms and content delivery systems run smoothly.  And since all Coalition Technologies’ Venice Beach-based services are available on a scalable basis, you can chose from the following expert corporate web design services:

  • Digital logo design
  • Strategic keyword campaigns
  • Powerful ad copy and SEO content
  • User experience look-and-feel overhaul
  • Advanced site functionalities, such as e-commerce platforms and user generated content capabilities
  • Sophisticated social media and networking compatibility
  • Useful backend constructs like content management systems and databases

Examples of corporate web design we have done in the past:

Call 323-984-9949 For Corporate Website Design Firm Services

Call 323-984-9949 For Corporate Website Design Firm Services

New Car?

Took a look at an ’05 Range Rover and an ’05 BMW z4 convertible today.  Not really interested in either one.  Both are a bit expensive at $17k.

I rarely drive (maybe once a week), so maybe I’ll just keep driving the old beater ’99 Ford Contour.

Santa Monica Corporate Web Design Agency

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In need of a great corporate web design team to help bring your brand’s image to life on the internet? The Coalition Technologies Santa Monica-area expert web design firm offers a full line of website design services that empower brands and companies to engage their customers and investors online. Our expert web designers have created compelling, interesting corporate websites for companies of all sizes and in a variety of industries. So whether you run a company that sells products via the internet or you’re a offline businessman that needs an online presence, the Coalition Technologies’ team of digital artists and web development experts can design a unique look and a branded feel to help you stand out among your competitors and attract visitors to your site.

Examples of web design we have done in the past:

Call 323-984-9949 For Santa Monica Corporate Web Design Agency Services

Call 323-984-9949 For Santa Monica Corporate Web Design Agency Services

Santa Monica-based Coalition Technologies balances popular and cutting-edge artistic trends with high-tech digital design and marketing practices to provide corporate clients with superior-looking websites and a leg up in their online markets. We offer our professional corporate web design services in full or a la carte, allowing us to cater to clients’ specific online marketing and promotional goals. We value the entrepreneurial spirit and artistic leanings of Santa Monica-area businesses and routinely offer discounts on corporate web services for locally headquartered companies.

Owning American Dollars is Dangerous

As the national debt continues to grow at epic rates (our deficit last year was 12% of our total GDP), the question arises: How can I protect myself?

The ideal world solution would be that our politicians would come together in a bipartisan deal to drastically cut spending and increase taxes (including reinstating the estate tax), but unfortunately we live in a world where our politicians aren’t motivated by what’s best for the country.  They instead want what’s best for themselves and protecting big unions by keeping spending and protecting inefficient big businesses with bailouts is what keeps them in office.

So we come back to the question: how can I protect myself and my family in a world where owning American dollars is becoming dangerous? What do I invest my savings into if dollars could become devalued due to inflation? Or what about the scarier possibilities of a true recession/depression due to the government no longer being able to finance it’s debt?

My thoughts on protecting your savings:

  • Diversify your assets between domestic stock/options/ real estate, and foreign stock/real estate.
  • Invest in what you know- put your money into your own businesses (unless you are an employee- then you need to diversify by investing in other businesses in your industry).
  • Buy a nice used car.
  • Invest in commodities

There is also the far less likely possibilities of domestic unrest arising from catastrophic failures, but you should hedge against these also:

  • Buy a house with access to it’s own well and acreage for a garden- they are very common in more rural areas.  Rural homes are extremely cheap and will continue getting cheaper as the housing market continues it’s slow demise.
  • Diversify your skills- learn basic carpentry, farming, defense, etc.
  • Keep extra food/bottled water on hand.  A 50 lb bag of rice costs only $50-60.  Keeping one on hand isn’t much trouble.

I have not done enough to protect myself yet, but I am going to embark on some of these avenues myself now.