Mission Accomplished: PHP Book Finished!

I set a goal for myself to read through the 452 page tome on PHP by Larry Ullman before the end of January and just finished it! Very proud of myself.

It covered everything from basic PHP syntax, variables, error reporting, GET & POST, numbers, random numbers, strings, finding substrings, replacing strings, if conditional, else, elseif, while, switch, for loops, arrays, multidimensional arrays, templates, external files, constants, datetime, sticky forms, output buffering, http headers, cookies, sessions, functions, creating functions, file permissions, writing to files, locking files, reading files, file uploads, directory navigation and creation, mysql databases, mysql error handling, mysql creating databases & tables & data, deleting, updating, regular expressions, matching patterns, literals, metacharacters, quantifiers and classes.… read more “Mission Accomplished: PHP Book Finished!”

Corporate Web Design in Venice Beach

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At Coalition Technologies’ Venice Beach office, our team of expert corporate web designers serves a number of different clients, each with very specific online branding and internet marketing needs.  Working with both large corporations and smaller professional organizations, Coalition Technologies specializes in designing websites that serve as both brand ambassadors and as functional e-commerce platforms, as is needed by our clients. … read more “Corporate Web Design in Venice Beach”

New Car?

Took a look at an ’05 Range Rover and an ’05 BMW z4 convertible today.  Not really interested in either one.  Both are a bit expensive at $17k.

I rarely drive (maybe once a week), so maybe I’ll just keep driving the old beater ’99 Ford Contour.

Santa Monica Corporate Web Design Agency

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In need of a great corporate web design team to help bring your brand’s image to life on the internet? The Coalition Technologies Santa Monica-area expert web design firm offers a full line of website design services that empower brands and companies to engage their customers and investors online. Our expert web designers have created compelling, interesting corporate websites for companies of all sizes and in a variety of industries.… read more “Santa Monica Corporate Web Design Agency”

Owning American Dollars is Dangerous

As the national debt continues to grow at epic rates (our deficit last year was 12% of our total GDP), the question arises: How can I protect myself?

The ideal world solution would be that our politicians would come together in a bipartisan deal to drastically cut spending and increase taxes (including reinstating the estate tax), but unfortunately we live in a world where our politicians aren’t motivated by what’s best for the country.  … read more “Owning American Dollars is Dangerous”