Joel’s Personal Philosophy

My personal philosophy is a compendium of ideas.

The purpose of life is reproduction.

The more effort you put into life, the easier and happier life gets.

Here is a simple list of what I think will most impact your life happiness and success. I think you should avoid being envious of others people’s supposedly fabulous lives, and focus on improving your own.

A good marriage is a superpower. You merge with your partner to an extent and both of you become more than you were individually.

Daily blender drinks are a key to good health.

We live in a winner take all world, so accumulative advantages are hugely important for each of us to move ahead.

Modern life is very good, light years better than any other human time period. Life is good for all of us now.

I believe in pursuing self improvement. It makes me much happier. I don’t like the drug store style self improvement, rather I focus on fitness, business, mental, etc.

Work is vital to life satisfaction.

How daily tracking of my life goals helped me rocket ahead.

How to prevent burn out when working 7 days a week.

I think college is a bad decision for most people now that we have the internet.

Caffeine is dangerous, but not as dangerous as alcohol.

Watching football is unethical, but I do enjoy it. I think humans love watching all forms of competition.

Behaviors that improve productivity.

Routine is good.

Build your life so you don’t need to use an alarm to wake up.

I wish there were self ban registries for addiction. It would be much easier to stop behaviors that are hard to control with something like this.

Running extends your lifespan and makes you happier.

I am a fan of BEING in new places, but not transporting myself there.

We should not sell tomorrow for today, nor today for tomorrow.

Death is a terrible tragedy and if we can find ways to fight cell decomposition, that would be good. However, until we do that, I like this surgeon’s view on death.

Some good life advice from Sam Altman.

My investment principles.

How early poverty affected my mindset in business.

Regularly make time to reflect on your own personal history.

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Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.