No More Government Lockdowns

Private individuals should be able to have the freedom to do what they wish unless there are extreme scenarios. What is an extreme scenario?

An extreme scenario would be extraordinarily high transmissibility and a high death rate among young people. If three percent of children were dying, or five percent of adults, or fifteen percent of seniors, AND the disease was infecting and spreading extremely rapidly, then we could have a government lockdown.… read more “No More Government Lockdowns”

Cancelling NyTimes and Washington Post Subscriptions

The purposeful lack of reporting on the recent lootings with dozens of people raiding stores, and very slanted reporting on recent trials made me realize the NYtimes and Washington Post were no longer sharing facts and insights, but have simply turned to propaganda to push an extreme social justice narrative.

If they get rid of the hard left push and went back to reporting news and not ignoring stories that don’t fit their narrative, I would be back.… read more “Cancelling NyTimes and Washington Post Subscriptions”

Subscriber Censored by the New York Times

The Innocence Project works towards a noble cause: get innocent people out of prison.

Could the Innocence Project go too far and get guilty people released? I have seen a number of articles praising the work of the Innocence Project and quite often the evidence that they use to claim someone is innocent is weak.

The New York Times published an article claiming that the men convicted of murdering Malcolm X a half century ago were actually innocent.… read more “Subscriber Censored by the New York Times”


Most doctors and therapists and caseworkers are just service workers like a plumber or a customer service rep… Some are good, lots are mediocre, some are bad. They all think they are gods, but they are very fallible humans. Don’t let them boss you around, thoughtfully check out what they say and push hard if something does not make sense.… read more “Doctors”

Government regulation

Government regulation by nature tends to be mediocre as it’s written by politicians and bureaucrats who don’t truly know the industry. Or worse, it is written by pawns of the biggest companies to prevent new competition.

Government regulation is also nearly impossible to roll back even when it’s universally acknowledged as bad. Government bureaucrats get no rewards for taking risks, but can be fired easily if the risks go wrong.… read more “Government regulation”

Social Climbers

The acquaintance who constantly looks over your shoulder when you are in a room with him to see what else is going on and who else is there.

The friend who upon being invited to an event with you says, “I will let you know”, so if something better comes up he can switch.

The fellow who greets you with great enthusiasm as though you were his long lost brother, then puts on the same show five minutes later for the next new arrival.… read more “Social Climbers”