Losing Hope

I am losing hope in the fairness and justice of our institutions. Political grandstanding and foreign enemies manipulate our government and businesses. Voting machines are hacked easily and no one defends them. Democracy is dying. The Republic is dying.

Increasing GDP and Decreasing Wealth Inequality and Encouraging Good Behaviors

I think we could increase our GDP and decrease wealth inequality and encourage good behavior of our citizens with a few simple policies.

First, all taxes should be eliminated except for a simple wealth tax. I am not sure what the optimal rate would be, but perhaps 1 to 4% per year on all wealth over $100k.… read more “Increasing GDP and Decreasing Wealth Inequality and Encouraging Good Behaviors”

Example Strategy for Tax Loss Harvesting

What follows is my personal opinion and is not investment advice, please do your own research and contact a certified investment adviserĀ / lawyer. Use at your own risk and don’t do this if you don’t understand it.

Summary: Tax loss harvesting is a massive gain and a must do for any smart investor. You don’t need to pay any 3rd parties like Wealthfront, Fidelity, Vanguard, or Betterment to do it, you can easily do it yourself and capture the benefits.read more “Example Strategy for Tax Loss Harvesting”