Full Golf Swing Breakdown Notes For Practice

I have put together the following full golf swing breakdown notes for myself to use in practice. It includes everything from distances, to warmup plan, to practice items, to methodology for grip, stance, backswing, transition, downswing, completion, and more. This is based on my research and watching hundreds of videos and reading lots of articles as well as my playing experience.… read more “Full Golf Swing Breakdown Notes For Practice”

China laying tracks for 1,000km/h maglev trains | Hacker News


Why can’t the US do high speed rail? Apparently in CA there was supposed to be an LA to SF train that went tens of billions overbudget even before any track was laid down. All the politicians and pigs gathered at the public trough and no one was willing to hire a Chinese or European train building company with actual experience.

Disaster Dreams

Most of my dreams seem to be high stress emergency scenarios and nightmares of various sorts. No matter what comes up in real life, I always feel that it’s a joke it’s so easy in comparison.

Last night I dreamed I was swimming in a big murky river with lots of people. There was a massive long boulder leaned up against a muddy hill next to it, maybe 500 feet high and 80 feet wide.… read more “Disaster Dreams”

Watch “”How much of that shitty deal did you sell to your clients?” Goldman Sachs Hearing” on YouTube

Instead of going to prison, this guy got a promotion and became the highest paid executive at Bank of America. No one went to prison for the crimes committed in the financial crisis. This is why the next financial crisis will be much more disastrous for a country than the last one. The criminals now feel much freer to steal from their clients and the American people.