Annihilation movie review

I am writing this review using my voice on Android phone only.

Laurel and I watched Annihilation tonight which is a movie starring Natalie Portman that is very trippy. We enjoyed the mind-bending twists and acid trip feel to the film.

I’m shocked at how good Android phone voice recognition is blows my mind not a single mistake once in this entire thing so far.… read more “Annihilation movie review”

Life Partner Choice

I am lucky beyond my wildest dreams to be married to Laurel. Her example has made me much kinder, her stability has helped me become healthier, and her support has helped me to build my company.

I have kept a spreadsheet for several years now tracking my happiness every day. The last twelve months of my happiness has averaged a 7.4 rating.… read more “Life Partner Choice”

Riverworld Book Series

I just finished the first two books of the Riverworld series by Philip Jose Farmer. The basic premise is that all of humanity – ranging from people who lived in 100,000 BC to 2000 AD all are resurrected on a terraformed planet criss-crossed by an enormous twenty million mile long river. Many people are resurrected near people they know, but many more are resurrected randomly.… read more “Riverworld Book Series”

Google Project Fi Discount Link Code- Best Cell Phone Provider

I am a HUGE fan of Google’s new Project Fi. I wanted to share my discount link that will give people who sign up a $20 credit (and I get one too, but $20 makes zero difference to me).

I have never referred people to my previous cell phone providers (Verizon and AT&T) because I hated them.… read more “Google Project Fi Discount Link Code- Best Cell Phone Provider”

Tax Wealth Not Income

Generations of Americans have had the hope that they have a chance to build a fortune if they work hard. The American Dream is a fundamental to our country’s self image.

Taxing income undermines the American Dream. Income taxes take from those who are currently working hard and investing to grow our country. We should completely remove income taxes.… read more “Tax Wealth Not Income”

Did Capitalism and Oil End Slavery?

I was listening to my Audible course recommended by Jeremy, “The other side of History: The Daily Life In the Ancient World” about what life was like for average people in Rome.

The professor pointed out that not a single citizen in ancient Rome or Greece to our knowledge ever opposed slavery. None of the great philosophers or statesmen, nor any other person ever wrote that they opposed slavery.… read more “Did Capitalism and Oil End Slavery?”