Why Work?

Every morning I wake up thinking about revenues and expenses. I fall asleep planning some new hare-brained idea to try out in the business. Betweentimes I grind through piles of high priority tasks.

I started my career wanting to work to earn money to have freedom to party and to do fun things. The odd thing is that to truly earn money you need to give up the day to day focus on money.… read more “Why Work?”

Bad Dream

I had a bad dream last night. I was running one of my company meetings and was running into lots of technical problems. One of my employees got mad and quit in front of everyone and I couldn’t turn the video off or fix the technical issues.

Cargo Ship

More strange dreams, this one from last night. I’ve taken a few liberties to expand it from the original version.

A titanic interstellar cargo ship flew through the darkness of space for millennia at sub-light speed. The internal sensors pinged solar systems and scanned planets as it passed, searching for signs of life. Then it detected a G-type star surrounded by eight planets and an asteroid belt.… read more “Cargo Ship”


Laurel is having a minor surgery today in Encino, so I drove her up to the clinic and am waiting in the cafe next door for her. The front desk secretary is supposed to call me when she is in the recovery room and I will go in and talk to her until she is coherent enough to go home.… read more “Surgery”

Combat Dream

I have never been in the military or anywhere near combat, but I had a dream about it last night.

Battle of Lake Adams

Seven eighteen year old men in a combat unit became surrounded in a farm house while a larger battle raged around them. They were dressed in white pants and red shirts and carried muskets.… read more “Combat Dream”