Kavanaugh Confirmation

Right now, there is a huge controversy over the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice. This is a enormously important political issues as it will shape Supreme Court decisions for decades.

I am a social liberal and a fiscal conservative… which in today’s political environment means I am very opposed to both parties in some ways and very supportive of certain policies.… read more “Kavanaugh Confirmation”

Corporate Execution

I firmly believe in free market capitalism,but I also believe in accountability for companies.

Companies that commit certain types of crimes should receive the death penalty and be broken up and sold piecemeal to ethical companies. Shareholders should lose everything. Executives and managers should get hard prison time.

For example, a company Theranos should be shut down, all executives and board members sent to prison, and shareholders take a total bath on their investment.… read more “Corporate Execution”

Golf Club Official Fittings – Waste of Money IMO

In my opinion, golf club official fittings are mostly a waste of money. I think that they are a way to push expensive clubs on golfers that they don’t really need.

I am a fairly new golfer and have tried a few fittings. Here is the results:

  • Titleist did a free fitting of their clubs. They said I should have 1 degree upright lie, and 0.5
read more “Golf Club Official Fittings – Waste of Money IMO”

Golf today… How to draw vs fade

I’m playing out at Heartwell today. I think I am starting to figure out how to shape my shots. To draw, have the face more inwards and the path in to out. To fade have the face outwards and the path out to in. I can draw better with a grip rotated clockwise, the ball back in my stance, and by shifting weight towards my heels in my backswing.… read more “Golf today… How to draw vs fade”

Morning Religious Debate

I believe in only looking at the real world evidence in order to determine life philosophies and how best to live life… Not following your chakra or cult leader or book or pastor or what the crystals tell you.

There is a vast difference between real world peer reviewed research and the random and self admittedly not evidence based ideas of the millions of charlatan mystics out there.… read more “Morning Religious Debate”