Search Funds Are A Terrible Investment

I recently was cold emailed by a search fund to buy my business.

What is a search fund? Basically, a person who wants to be an “entrepreneur” raises a lot of money in a fund so that they can buy and then run a company.

The intent is that the buyer would do something to improve the value of the company then resell it later.

The problem with this is that anyone going into an existing business with little to no prior knowledge has virtually no chance of adding value. They will almost certainly destroy value by virtue of just lack of understanding.

In the case of my cold email, a couple of finance guys with no tech or programming experience are trying to buy a web design firm. What a waste. Whatever company they buy will quickly lose its competitive edge. This an extremely competitive business and a leader without industry knowledge or experience will bleed out clients quickly.

Kavanaugh Confirmation

Right now, there is a huge controversy over the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice. This is a enormously important political issues as it will shape Supreme Court decisions for decades.

I am a social liberal and a fiscal conservative… which in today’s political environment means I am very opposed to both parties in some ways and very supportive of certain policies. The Republicans have been limiting individual freedoms greatly and have started to turn into a nationalist / racist party instead of standing for smaller government like they used to. The Democrats are spending money foolishly and focusing on silly issues.  This is a bad time to live as discourse has become hot and angry instead of rational.

I do think that the Democrats have a very strong incentive to dig up accusers against Kavanaugh, even if they have no evidence to support things. I think many people would be happy to make false accusations in order to avoid having a Supreme Court Justice from the other party.

I am afraid of the world we live in now where you are presumed guilty until proven innocent instead of the other way around. Sexual predators should face very stiff penalties, but the mere accusation of sexual misbehavior has now become enough to destroy people’s lives.

A concern I have is that Kavanaugh appears to have lied about being a virgin till well after college based on his own comments in his yearbooks. If he lied about that, would he lie about other things?

Another concern is that all of his writing has not been released from previous work. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Corporate Execution

I firmly believe in free market capitalism,but I also believe in accountability for companies.

Companies that commit certain types of crimes should receive the death penalty and be broken up and sold piecemeal to ethical companies. Shareholders should lose everything. Executives and managers should get hard prison time.

For example, a company Theranos should be shut down, all executives and board members sent to prison, and shareholders take a total bath on their investment.

I especially think board members should have their entire personal net worth at stake and not be able to purchase lawsuit insurance. Basically, if you are on a board of directors you should work your ass off to protect the company and hold executives accountable.

Golf Club Official Fittings – Waste of Money IMO

In my opinion, golf club official fittings are mostly a waste of money. I think that they are a way to push expensive clubs on golfers that they don’t really need.

I am a fairly new golfer and have tried a few fittings. Here is the results:

  • Titleist did a free fitting of their clubs. They said I should have 1 degree upright lie, and 0.5 – 1 inch length extension on the irons. They recommended an oversized grip. They don’t say what flex.
  • Cool Clubs – I did their beginner fitting for $200. Their guy spent a couple of hours with me which I appreciated. What I did not like was his strong recommendations of certain club shafts and heads after only hitting a ball 1-3 times with each. I am new enough that I don’t hit consistently so what I chose would be fairly random. I will say that I did think the shaft he recommended was good for the irons. The total package recommended was $4,000 which is absolutely ridiculous.
  • Roger Dunn’s – I worked with some of their people and found them to be very hit or miss. One person was totally incompetent, while another guy had 50 years golf experience and some great advice.

I eventually decided the best way to pick a club is to go to a golf warehouse like Roger Dunn’s, go to their used clubs and pick out 3-5 different models of the same club you are interested in and hit them all 10-15 x apiece. Basically do a competition between them and narrow them down to the club you hit best. Go through all your clubs this way till you have a set. I ended up going with a Driver, 3 wood, 2 hybrid (I tried this compared to 5 woods and 3 hybrids as well and this was best), 4-Pitching wedge irons, then added a 50 degree and a 56 degree wedge. I also bought a putter on Amazon that I like. Total cost – $650 (was $550 but I added a $100 wedge… probably dumb of me).

If you REALLY want to save money, go to the golf warehouse and hit every club you are interested in, then buy it on ebay for half the price. I probably could have got the set above for $400 if I had done that.

Final note – my golf instructor (a very talented and very experienced golfer) said all the talk of technology in golf clubs is bullshit. They just adjust the club lofts each year to make  you think you hit them further when in reality your 5 iron today is just a 4 iron from 10 years ago.

Regaining My Health

I had a serious knee injury on June 2nd. I was in the hospital until June 16. I started gimping along without crutches a little around June 25, and walking a little again by July 1st and got my stitches out around then.

I started to run shortly thereafter and have been improving my pace since then, here is a sampling:

  • July 23 – 1.6 miles in 22 minutes (fastest mile 12:52)
  • July 31 – 4.5 miles in 44 minutes (fastest mile 11:06)
  • Aug 18 – 4 miles in 44 minutes (fastest mile 10:07)
  • Sept 5 – 4 miles in 44 minutes (fastest mile 9:27)
  • Sept 15 – 4 miles in 39 minutes (fastest mile 8:37)

My goal for this year was to reach a 6:00 mile pace by the end of it in outdoor running. I am still hoping I will be able to reach this milestone!

Golf today… How to draw vs fade

I’m playing out at Heartwell today. I think I am starting to figure out how to shape my shots. To draw, have the face more inwards and the path in to out. To fade have the face outwards and the path out to in. I can draw better with a grip rotated clockwise, the ball back in my stance, and by shifting weight towards my heels in my backswing. I can fade by moving the ball up in my stance, rotate my grip counterclockwise, and lean forward into my toes during my backswing. Now I just have to do that 20,000 more times to get some consistency and accuracy lol.

Morning Religious Debate

I believe in only looking at the real world evidence in order to determine life philosophies and how best to live life… Not following your chakra or cult leader or book or pastor or what the crystals tell you.

There is a vast difference between real world peer reviewed research and the random and self admittedly not evidence based ideas of the millions of charlatan mystics out there.

I can read the research methodology myself and think if it makes sense… Or I could simply repeat the experiment. The device you are using is based on heavily researched science. It might seem like magic, but you can understand every single part of it if you wish and many people do.

Yes, but you can find out about that sort of stuff and debunk and disregard it, and no one calls you a heretic for not blindly believing it

And the vast majority of science is real… But it’s not what you read about in the popular science garbage news articles. It’s basic math research or geology or electromagnetic stuff…

Or it’s articles like the Harvard study I shared recently where the researchers followed hundreds of people for their whole lives and reported on what made them happy. Not smoking was most important, and not drinking was huge too.

The whole point of the Bible is that you are supposed to believe on faith (blind trust) in a bunch of miracles (magic) with zero evidence.

The vast majority of pastors are unscrupulous scammers using false promises to collect money from the gullible indoctrinated. You can recognize it in multilevel marketing or other snake oil scheme’s, but it’s hard and embarrassing to have the sunlight shine on an area you’ve been conned.

I remember going to the Puyallup fair as a nine year old boy and having twenty bucks. I was going to spend it on candy or rides, but in the marketing products hall there was a very good huckster selling shamwows. I was entranced by his presentation of how this towel could be used to clean up anything. I bought one. In the car ride on the way home, I began to question my decision. But human nature made me defensive. I got home and a couple of days later used these magic towels to wash the car and they performed worse than regular towels. I didn’t want to admit my mistake because no one ever wants to do that. But over time I saw I had been made a fool of. Don’t let your pride or tradition make you a fool.

The definition of faith is believing in something without evidence or in the face of contradictory evidence.

Shamwow is something you can relate to and say “boy Joel that was a mistake”. I realized years ago religious beliefs are the same thing but on a vast and systematic scale. But just because everyone believes the world is flat does not make it true.

Be brave and think critically about the beliefs you have been indoctrinated in since childhood. Having courage to face them and evaluate them in the light of day and follow the evidence will make your life enormously happier and more free.