Search Funds Are A Terrible Investment

I recently was cold emailed by a search fund to buy my business.

What is a search fund? Basically, a person who wants to be an “entrepreneur” raises a lot of money in a fund so that they can buy and then run a company.

The intent is that the buyer would do something to improve the value of the company then resell it later.

The problem with this is that anyone going into an existing business with little to no prior knowledge has virtually no chance of adding value. They will almost certainly destroy value by virtue of just lack of understanding.

In the case of my cold email, a couple of finance guys with no tech or programming experience are trying to buy a web design firm. What a waste. Whatever company they buy will quickly lose its competitive edge. This an extremely competitive business and a leader without industry knowledge or experience will bleed out clients quickly.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.