I’ve been reading an interesting book, “I am a Strange Loop”. The author is a famous philosopher on the nature of consciousness. The specific bit that I have been most interested by so far is the authors take on what is the nature of a “I”. 

He has pointed out that each of our brains is made up of a separate left hemisphere which controls an eye and an ear, and a right hemisphere which controls the other side.… read more “Marriage”

Meet the Fokkers

I am at Laurel’s best friends “wedding week”. Laurel’s best friend has a cousin she used to date for six years. He and his girlfriend are very nice, but I feel like I am in the movie “Meet the Fokkers”!


I have been feeling extremely healthy lately. I have been working out seven days a week, I have not had any alcohol in over four months, I have not even had any caffeine in a month. Feeling incredibly good and making big strides forward in my business as well.