LA Rage

I feel like a lot of people in Los Angeles are angry a lot of the time. One of my friends pointed out it is because they have never been able to ascend very high on Maslow’s hierarchy chart:

His thought is many people in Los Angeles end up not feeling very secure because they live from paycheck to paycheck and have a hard time saving money.… read more “LA Rage”

How I Sold My Car

I purchased my 2008 GMC Acadia six and a half years ago for $14,800, which I thought was quite a good deal at the time. The average price for the same year and model on Craigslist owner to owner was $20k, but I was able to talk them down from $18k with some shrewd negotiating.

Two months ago, I purchased a nice new 2017 Audi to replace it, so I needed to get rid of the Acadia.… read more “How I Sold My Car”

New Jack City Rock Climbing

I went rock climbing in New Jack City this weekend. I really had a growing experience. A lot of the sport leads had a pretty big distance between bolts… 8-15 feet, which can make the first two bolts pretty terrifying. I was able to confront my fears though and climb some pretty challenging terrain. I also learned a lot more about route finding and climbing on rock instead of plastic.… read more “New Jack City Rock Climbing”

Frustrating Client

I have been dealing with a very frustrating client. When the client began working with me a few months ago, their site was a disaster and their revenue was half of what it was the year prior. My team and I worked very hard to rebuild their site, and get their traffic and revenue back to where it was the year prior and actually grew it quite a bit.… read more “Frustrating Client”