Understanding the Types of Amazon Ads

Amazon: it isn’t just where you go to find paper towels in bulk or a gift for your nephew who’s really into obscure Icelandic music. It’s also an incredible place to advertise your eCommerce site. That’s because Amazon is the largest Internet sales company in America. In other words, it’s where America goes to shop. That’s because it carries everything from A to Z; it’s even in their logo.… read more “Understanding the Types of Amazon Ads”

Designing an eCommerce Site for SEO

When most people design, or even imagine designing, an eCommerce website, they typically consider what type of product they are going to sell and what the site will look like. What most people don’t consider, or consider too late in the process, is how SEO for eCommerce websites should be utilized to drive traffic and increase sales.… read more “Designing an eCommerce Site for SEO”

Best Ideas to Ponder

The ThinkerWe live in a world filled with wonders. We’re especially lucky because we have the opportunity to deeply consider some of life’s mysteries and miracles. We can dwell on monumental concepts like the vastness of the universe or more intimate ideas on love and longing. Some of the best ideas to ponder force us to imagine our special place in the world and how meaningful that really is.… read more “Best Ideas to Ponder”

Best Cheap Buys

The internet puts all kinds of unique and eccentric products at our fingertips. Money is tight for everyone these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the cooler things out there, even when on a budget. Here are some of the best cheap buys you can find around the web.

A Carnivorous Plant

venus flytrapEven if you don’t have an ant problem, the Venus flytrap is simply a great cheap buy.… read more “Best Cheap Buys”

Best Introductory eCommerce Software for 2015

If you want to be successful in business in 2015, you simply need to have an online presence. That means you’ll need to build a site that displays your digital storefront, that showcases your product, and offers your clients a seamless and secure checkout experience. The best way to accomplish this is to choose one of the many eCommerce software options available.… read more “Best Introductory eCommerce Software for 2015”

Amazon Listing Optimization

Amazon box packagesAmazon has become the go-to online shopping location. You can get just about anything you can imagine on Amazon, from toilet paper to video games to Thanksgiving turkeys. The wide range of products on Amazon makes it incredibly easy to find what you want at the most affordable prices. So how do you cut through the noise and clutter of all that product and all those different options to reach your customer base?… read more “Amazon Listing Optimization”