Understanding the Types of Amazon Ads

Amazon: it isn’t just where you go to find paper towels in bulk or a gift for your nephew who’s really into obscure Icelandic music. It’s also an incredible place to advertise your eCommerce site. That’s because Amazon is the largest Internet sales company in America. In other words, it’s where America goes to shop. That’s because it carries everything from A to Z; it’s even in their logo.

That also means it’s a great place to advertise your product or even your external eCommerce site. The first thing to know about advertising on Amazon is that there are a few different types of Amazon ads available.

Amazon Product Ads

Amazon Product Ads drive qualified traffic to your site. This means that customers who are actively searching for products on Amazon will be directed from Amazon to your website. This gives Amazon customers the peace of mind of shopping with a partner of a highly trusted company. It also gives you access to a much larger customer base that is searching for pretty much everything under the sun.

-photo-7This is one of the types of Amazon ads that is perfect for those who already have an existing eCommerce site and don’t want to, or possibly can’t, list their product on the Amazon Marketplace. Amazon Product Ads operate on a cost per click (CPC) charge. As with most CPC or PPC formats, you are even able to increase your bid for higher listing options.

Amazon Local

Amazon Local is one of the types of Amazon ads that is great for companies that operate primarily from a traditional brick and mortar location, but want the increased exposure and customer base that a massive online entity like Amazon can offer.

Amazon Local operates similarly to other online coupon-based companies like Groupon. Merchants offer a deal that can be redeemed at their physical location. Amazon uses its massive database of local customers and emails everyone in the merchant’s area. Customers purchase the deal through Amazon and the merchant pays a fee for every customer that buys.

This is an excellent way for businesses to increase their reach. The cooperative promotion between a highly regarded company like Amazon offers instant credibility for your business. Plus you’re able to access literally millions of new and active customers.

Amazon Display Ads

This is one of the more flexible types of Amazon ads. That’s because Amazon Display Ads can be featured across a wide range of sites and formats. Amazon has an enormous and detailed customer database. They start with the customer, and what they want, and cater ads to each client.

These type of ads can be displayed on desktop and mobile sites, and apps. What’s more is that Amazon can place these ads on all the different sites they own and operate, like the Amazon Marketplace, on Kindles, and even on sites like IMDB.

Discover the Amazon

Amazon is a valuable resource for your eCommerce marketing because it offers numerous opportunities for advertising. Its diverse and loyal customer base ensures that you can find the right audience for your product. Coalition Technologies can help you implement and manage a successful Amazon advertising campaign. Contact us today to discuss your needs and goals.

Designing an eCommerce Site for SEO

When most people design, or even imagine designing, an eCommerce website, they typically consider what type of product they are going to sell and what the site will look like. What most people don’t consider, or consider too late in the process, is how SEO for eCommerce websites should be utilized to drive traffic and increase sales.

Solid Design

Whether you’re a startup, an established brick and mortar company looking to create an online sales presence, or just want to revamp your existing site, you need to design your website with SEO as a central component from the very start. SEO isn’t some magic bandage you slap on your site that simply increases traffic and profits. Indeed, SEO for eCommerce websites should inform the framework of your entire site, from start to finish.

A Strong Blueprint

Let’s face it, SEO is a little complicated. At its most basic, it’s what moves your site up in search engine listings, but the manner in which content is mined for this info is anything but simple. When eCommerce sites are created without SEO optimization in mind, they can become a jumble of duplicated content, fuzzy hierarchy, and sloppy information. This means your site is missing out on valuable page clicks, which also means you’re missing out on sales.

On the other hand, when web designers, SEO consultants, and information architects are working together, your eCommerce site will be more effective and expertly optimized to increase your listing rank, drive more traffic to your site, and increase your sales and profit probabilities.

A Good Crawl

This whole process begins with indexable content. Search engines need to be able to see your content in order to rank and list your site. What customers see often differs from what search engines see. You want to ensure that your most valuable content is visible in HTML and CSS so it can be read by search engines. Not all text and images are visible to search engines. By combining web fonts, HTML, and CSS together you can present your customer with a visually pleasing site that search engines are able crawl for keywords.


A fundamental aspect of SEO for eCommerce websites is keyword usage. Keywords form the foundation of how search engines, like Google, work. Search engines don’t crawl entire pages, they look for and index specific keywords. By researching and analyzing the keywords most applicable to your eCommerce site and your business needs, you can optimize your SEO campaign to ensure your site is ranked high in search engine queries. Keywords should be specific and relevant to your site and product. What’s more, your keywords should be used naturally within the flow of your content. Forcing keywords into content can actually hinder your search results.

We Can Help You Design Your Site

Designing and implementing SEO for eCommerce websites doesn’t have to be a guessing game. In fact, a well-designed and properly implemented SEO strategy can help you take your business to the next level. Contact Coalition Technologies to discuss SEO strategy and design for your eCommerce site.

Best Ideas to Ponder

The ThinkerWe live in a world filled with wonders. We’re especially lucky because we have the opportunity to deeply consider some of life’s mysteries and miracles. We can dwell on monumental concepts like the vastness of the universe or more intimate ideas on love and longing. Some of the best ideas to ponder force us to imagine our special place in the world and how meaningful that really is.

I’m Too Old

It’s something you hear all the time. People think they’re too old to enjoy something, to understand something, or to start a new endeavor. The truth is, you age regardless of whether you enjoy, understand, or start something. It’s never too late. You will only regret what you don’t do, not what you do later rather than sooner.

The Only Thing We Have to Fear

Fear is one of those emotions we all share. Whether it’s rational or irrational, fear can be a powerful force that either keeps us from trying something new, or keeps us stuck where we are. That’s why one of the best ideas to ponder is this—it’s not about being afraid or unafraid, it’s about accepting that you are afraid and feeling the fear, but still doing it anyway.

This Is So Embarrassing

We’ve all been there; in the moment, totally embarrassed at something we did, or said, or that our zipper is down. The truth is, it’s only embarrassing if you’re embarrassed. Likewise, you might still vividly remember an embarrassing moment from your childhood, but it’s very rare that other people will.

Think about it, can you really remember an embarrassing moment that happened to someone else? Probably not. This is one of the best ideas to ponder, an embarrassing moment is only embarrassing for you. Others most likely won’t remember it. So take it as a learning experience and just remember to check your zipper before you give a big speech.

It’s Not What You Say

People might forget what you’ve said to them, what conversations you may have had, they’ll even forget some of the things that you’ve done, but they’ll always remember the way you make them feel. That’s why this is one of the best ideas to ponder—how do you make people feel? Regardless of what you say, or what you hear, people most often remember (for lack of a better word) your vibe. Be genuine, be interested, be in the moment. You’ll leave a lasting impression. Think about some of your favorite people: are they your favorite because of the things you say to each other or because how you feel when you’re in each others company?

You Are the Universe

Barred Spiral GalaxyCarl Sagan said it best: we are all made of starstuff. Err, well, maybe Joni Mitchell sang it better. But the truth is still there. This is a great idea to ponder, because it relates not just the vastness of the cosmos, but also that we are related to every living thing on the planet. We are all made of elements formed in an exploding star billions of years ago. Mind. Blown.

Take the Time

There are so many distractions these days that it can be hard to think about the important things, or even to ruminate at all. Take a little time to deeply ponder the mysteries of life every day. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Best Cheap Buys

The internet puts all kinds of unique and eccentric products at our fingertips. Money is tight for everyone these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the cooler things out there, even when on a budget. Here are some of the best cheap buys you can find around the web.

A Carnivorous Plant

venus flytrapEven if you don’t have an ant problem, the Venus flytrap is simply a great cheap buy. Every home needs a little interesting foliage to spruce it up and regulate the flow of oxygen—the fact that they devour flies and spiders is just the icing on the cake. Even better, the plant can be purchased for under $15. They don’t require insects to live, but if you want to feed them, insects are pretty much free. Plus, they make for an awesome table decoration, and an even better way to show your mom you’re all grown up. Look Ma, I got a house plant!

The Measure of a Droid

r2d2 measuring cup setAnother one of the best cheap buys out there comes to you from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. The Star Wars R2-D2 measuring cup set is simply awesome. Not only will it help you make the best cookies in the empire but the set looks great (and compact) on your countertop, too. The body of R2 separates to give you various cup measurements, while the arms come apart to offer table and teaspoon measurements. As the site says, this is the droid you’ve been looking for!

Absolute Convenience

If you’re searching for one of the most creative best cheap buys you can find, look no further than the H2O survival water filter travel straw. This pocket size straw filters and purifies your drinking water no matter where you find yourself. This is a great purchase for any hikers or campers who want the security of knowing they’ll have potable drinking water in any location. Or, if you’re just sick of gross water at restaurants and bars, you can whip out this nifty tool and know you’re getting pure, hydrating water (at least up to 18 gallons)!

A Piece of History

pile of coinsHolding an artifact from ancient times is a pretty profound and grounding experience. That’s why one of the best cheap buys you can find is a piece of history. Ancient Roman coins are actually pretty affordable. You can find a few of them for less than $20. Just think, for just one $20 bill, you can have coins that are nearly 2000 years old! These coins could have passed through the hands of gladiators, senators, and even emperors that walked the earth over thousands of years ago.

Games and Camaraderie

There is no better gift or purchase you can make than one that brings people together and makes them laugh. The game Cards Against Humanity has been spreading cheer and good old fashioned gross outs for a few years now. If you haven’t played it, do yourself a favor and pick up this great cheap buy. If you have played it, or already have a deck, the expansion packs add a few more laughs and unbearable moments. It’s a great way to break the ice with your new in-laws. If you’re feeling especially cheap, you can even print it out for free.

Cheap Means Awesome

Just because something is affordable doesn’t mean it’s not great. There are a lot of ways to stretch your dollars while still picking up some cool gear. The items above are just the tip of the proverbial cheap stuff iceberg. What are your favorite affordable finds?

Best Introductory eCommerce Software for 2015

If you want to be successful in business in 2015, you simply need to have an online presence. That means you’ll need to build a site that displays your digital storefront, that showcases your product, and offers your clients a seamless and secure checkout experience. The best way to accomplish this is to choose one of the many eCommerce software options available.

The best eCommerce software for beginners will help you build and launch your site. You’ll want to ensure that the platform you choose provides user friendly tools and resources that teach you how to use their system, how to showcase your product, how to draw more traffic, and, ultimately, how to increase sales.


Bigcommerce software is an excellent option for beginners and new businesses. It provides users with all the tools and resources needed to build and operate a successful eCommerce site. This software allows you to design your site the way you want it. The freedom to design your site helps you create a uniform and consistent brand that represents you.

The Bigcommerce platform also helps you accept payment. By utilizing a software platform that helps facilitate and process sales, you can keep everything in house. This provides your customers with a seamless and secure purchasing process.

Bigcommerce software also helps you with marketing your site and product. This is a highly valuable resource. After all, you can provide the best product at the best prices, but if no one can find your site, your sales will definitely suffer. Bigcommerce can help you spread the word about your eCommerce site.


Since it launched in 2006, Shopify has been a very popular and highly acclaimed eCommerce platform. That’s because it’s incredibly easy to use and offers a wide range of tools, resources, and options.

Shopify software provides its users with one of the best templates for customization available. Which means you’ll be able to build your site to look just as you like. It’s very user friendly, offering simplified navigation, point of sale options, and great community forums for problem solving and advice.

This software allows you to create an elegant yet simple storefront, product showcase, and checkout experience that will help you truly display your brand’s philosophy. Shopify also offers a 14 day free trial, so you can play around with the software and create your site before you commit to a specific eCommerce platform.


Just like Bigcommerce and Shopify, 3dcart is an excellent option for your eCommerce platform needs. 3dcart offers quick and easy customization of your site. It offers security features, online support, seamless checkout options, search engine optimization, and social media integration to help you spread the word about your product and site.

3dcart takes the difficult coding and scripting language out of the equation. In fact, you don’t even need to download software to use it. You can control your 3dcart eCommerce site over the web. That means you can access your site when you’re away from your desk or office.

Making a Choice

There are so many options to choose from when building your eCommerce site. Bigcommerce, Shopify, and 3dcart are some of the best eCommerce software for beginners available in 2015. I can help you find the best shopping cart platform for your specific business needs and goals. Coalition Technologies is dedicated to your successful eCommerce. Contact us today to find out which platform is right for you.

Amazon Listing Optimization

Amazon box packagesAmazon has become the go-to online shopping location. You can get just about anything you can imagine on Amazon, from toilet paper to video games to Thanksgiving turkeys. The wide range of products on Amazon makes it incredibly easy to find what you want at the most affordable prices. So how do you cut through the noise and clutter of all that product and all those different options to reach your customer base? The answer is through Amazon listing optimization.

The Right Tools for the Job

Listing optimization requires a series of tools and methodologies to move your product higher up in searches. Higher listings on search pages makes your product more visible, leading to increased sales. It’s a great way to tackle the serious competition between the multiple sellers found on Amazon.

Be Found

The simple truth is, if people can’t find your product easily, they’re not going to order from you. There are just too many options available for customers to seek out a specific supplier. The fact of the matter is that the first few listings are the ones that get the most clicks. Amazon listing optimization makes certain that your product moves up the list and can be found more easily. It’s such an important service to use because to succeed on Amazon, your product needs to be easy to locate.

Amazon logoShow off Your Wares

This means that your product needs a well constructed description, multiple high quality images, a succinct and accurate title, and all the right keywords. While this seems simple at first, there are a number of challenges to overcome to ensure that all of your products have the right keywords, descriptions, and images it needs to get noticed and move up in searches.

List It Right

This process is time consuming. If you list a large number of products you probably don’t have the time necessary to make certain they have the proper descriptions and keywords.’ Amazon listing optimization means that your product is properly described, with the requisite high quality images and keywords, to get your product noticed.

We Can Navigate the Amazon

You sell products and you’re good at it; that’s why you continue to seek out avenues of growth and diversification. Likewise, we know listing optimization and the work required to get it done, and get it done right. Our years of experience in social media, content management, and search engine optimization means that we can help you take your business to the next step. What are you waiting for? Your company’s product could be incredibly successful with Amazon listing optimization.