Google Apps Script Functions

I really like Google Apps Scripts functionality in extending out the basic tools available in Google Sheets. I write functions pretty often to either have automatic emails sent or to gather specific data from other resources. I used it yesterday building a tool to see timestamps of sent emails that I send out. Pretty useful!

Received Email

A customer had a $600 retainer and we did more hours of work than his retainer contained, but he threatened to defame my company anyways to try to get a $200 refund. I thought of this.


Fun With Long Hours

I’ve been working super long hours for the last couple of weeks and have been having fun with it. The business has some monumental challenges right now that i have been trying to resolve and still advance the company as a whole. Most of this year I have been putting in 11 hour days, but the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing 14 hour days.… read more “Fun With Long Hours”

False Accusations

Today was a bad day. I had to listen to a lot of lies, exaggerations, and false accusations trying to portray me as something that I’m not. Extremely frustrating, especially since the person doing it benefited from my generosity for years. You think someone is not a bad person, then you find they have been plotting and carrying forward with an attempt to destroy you for months.… read more “False Accusations”