Food of the day


70oz blender drink with spinach, lots of carrots, fruit and nut mix, almond milk, water, salmon oil, chia seeds.

4 chicken tenders and a quarter cup of blueberries for dinner.

What Would Cause American Civil War 2?

What could possibly cause a second American Civil War?

I think ACW2 (kind of an awkward acronym) would most likely be caused the US national debt. The national debt would start to push inflation rates higher and higher until dollars are virtually worthless. Texas would move onto either a gold backed currency or a virtual currency and secede from the United States, followed by all the angry Southern states that never got over ACW1.… read more “What Would Cause American Civil War 2?”

Buying Puts on TripAdvisor

I like TripAdvisor as a company, but it is massively overpriced right now so I bought a bunch of puts on it betting that it will go down in price. The company has a ridiculous price to sales ratio of 13. Completely indefensible. A couple of bad earnings reports and this company will be in the gutter.

Understanding Business Owners as Clients : Business Cheat Sheets

Download the infographic PDF for Understanding Business Owners as Clients.

Business Owners as Clients


As a business owner, many of your clients will also be business owners. The business owner client is a special sort of person that can be very challenging to work with unless you understand how they work.

Be EXTREMELY thorough in your documentation. Documentation of everything is essential when dealing with business owners.… read more “Understanding Business Owners as Clients : Business Cheat Sheets”