Hiring a BigCommerce SEO Agency

Do you run a business using the BigCommerce platform? If so, you already have access to some of the best SEO features available for any shopping cart, but that doesn’t mean that your site is reaching its full SEO potential.  As the founder and CEO of a successful BigCommerce SEO company, I have seen how just a few professional customization touches can help businesses to reach new heights of success in a short period of time.… read more “Hiring a BigCommerce SEO Agency”

Los Angeles Magento Developers and Programmers

Magento is an extremely powerful shopping cart platform, and if you use it for your business, you have probably already seen how it can improve not only your sales, but also the ease with which you can manage day-to-day operations. But are you ready to take your Magento experience to the next level? As the founder a successful design and development firm, I have seen time and again how custom development can take a good Magento website and make it truly great.… read more “Los Angeles Magento Developers and Programmers”

Benny Hinn – Scandal, Fake, Scam Artist & Fraud

Scam Benny Hinn

Fake fraudster Benny Hinn is at it again – the same guy who predicted the end of the world in 1992 and 1999, as well as the death of Fidel Castro in the 90’s – is now back on the road putting on more of his scandalously fake shows.  Benny Hinn is a megachurch televangelist “faith healer”.… read more “Benny Hinn – Scandal, Fake, Scam Artist & Fraud”

Lance Armstrong – A Great Athlete

Special Guest Post by the Black Rooster out of Iran:

I would like to say a few words regarding Lance Armstrong and his use of performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) or in other words steroids. I know a lot of people won’t like what I have to say but I don’t care because they are mostly fat, useless, unathletic, jealous and obese people who haven’t even seen inside of a gym, let alone competed professionally in a sport.… read more “Lance Armstrong – A Great Athlete”

My Top 10 Favorite Activities in Los Angeles

Below are my top 10 favorite activities to do in Los Angeles:

  1. Outdoor rock climbing in Malibu Creek or at Tick Rock
  2. Comedy shows at the Comedy Store
  3. Outdoor basketball or flag football at Venice beach
  4. Visiting the Getty museum with its beautiful views and art
  5. Going to new restaurants – and old ones I love like A-Frame, Lemonade, Earl’s, and the Corner Door
  6. Pitch & Putt golf (several courses on the West side)
  7. Go see plays at the community theaters with their excellent talent
  8. Hot air ballooning in Temecula
  9. Walking around the Santa Monica Promenade
  10. Hike up to the Griffith Observatory

Joel Osteen: Megachurch Televangelist Pastor without Christ?! SCANDAL!

SUPER FUNNY UPDATE ON JOEL OSTEEN: Check out Joel Osteen’s super scammy books he sells on Amazon (24!!!) including his self help BS book
and his hilarious book on “Wise Choices”. If only he’d follow his own advice!
LOL! For all you Joel Osteen fanboys – remember he just cynically feeds on you to make money so he can live his fancy lifestyle.… read more “Joel Osteen: Megachurch Televangelist Pastor without Christ?! SCANDAL!”