Lance Armstrong – A Great Athlete

Special Guest Post by the Black Rooster out of Iran:

I would like to say a few words regarding Lance Armstrong and his use of performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) or in other words steroids. I know a lot of people won’t like what I have to say but I don’t care because they are mostly fat, useless, unathletic, jealous and obese people who haven’t even seen inside of a gym, let alone competed professionally in a sport.

Lance Armstrong is probably one of the greatest athletes of our generation. Now before I explain any further I want everyone to know that I’m not a cycling fan at all and I have never even seen a Tour de France race. The truth is I’ve always found the sport slightly gay. There is something about skinny dudes wearing tights and sitting on a hard saddle for hours that I never quite understood. As a matter of fact I’m not even a big fan of bicycles. The last bike I owned was over 15 years ago and I never bought another one since. I just wanted to clarify that in case anyone thinks I’m all over Lance’s nuts or a big fan of the sport.

Now regarding Lance. Anyone who’s ever competed professionally in any sport or is a fitness freak like myself knows the amount of sacrifice, dedication and hard work that someone like Lance has put in. Not only has he dedicated his whole life to this sport but he’s had the genetics for it as well. Because being the best in any sport, whether it’s cycling, baseball, basketball or bodybuilding you have to have the genetics and the dedication.  There are a lot of people who have the genetics for a specific sport but they don’t have the dedication and the mentality to become a super star and there are people who have the mentality and the dedication but not the genes. Lance had the” complete package” and that’s why he won the Tour De France 7 times.

Now regarding steroids. Anyone who thinks that steroids are some sort of a miracle thing that you take and then all of a sudden you’re a superstar is a flat out IDIOT. I’m sick and tired of people thinking that steroids turn you into superman and therefore anyone who uses steroids is not a “genuine” sportsman or a “true” athlete, whatever the fuck that means. A lot of people think you can sit on your ass all day long and do nothing and as soon as you inject your first steroid all of a sudden you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or you can run like Usain Bolt or bike like Lance.  These people need to go to a gym and look at all the professional bodybuilders that use steroids. These guys eat, sleep and train like animals. They workout harder than anyone you’ve ever seen including the “non-steroid using general population” which I often refer to as NSUF (Non-Steroid-Using-Fatties). These bodybuilders are some of the most disciplined people you’ve ever seen. They have dedicated their entire lives to perfecting their physique. Their training, dieting and lifestyle is so hardcore and gruesome that an average person couldn’t do it for one week, let alone for 15-20 years.

Now let’s put things into perspective. There are hundreds and thousands of bodybuilders  who train like animals, are super disciplined, dedicate their entire lives to bodybuilding and use steroids but they never win a Mr Olympia title or they never become a legend like Arnie or Ronnie Coleman, why? That brings me back to my previous point, because they either lack the genetics or they don’t train hard enough, basically they don’t have the “complete package.” Same principle applies to every other sport on this planet, including cycling and our boy Lance Armstrong. The truth is that a lot of professional cyclists out there use steroids, just like in any other sport. In fact the Lance Armstrong era is seen as a “dark time” in cycling history because steroid use amongst professional cyclists all over the world was very common and widespread. So how come then thousands of professional cyclists using steroids for over a decade, none of them could win 7 Tour de France titles? For the same reason that the professional bodybuilder didn’t turn into Arnie, because he either lacked the genetics or the dedication to become a superstar like Lance Armstrong.

So in conclusion my dear fat readers we see that the issue is not steroids. Lance dedicated his whole life to the sport of cycling and he had the complete package to become a superstar, something that 99.9% of steroid using professional cyclists lacked. Lance did use steroids but so did most of his competitors but they just weren’t good enough to beat him and become a legend so now they want to destroy him. Therefore not only is Lance Armstrong a great athlete but he deserves all of his 7 medals. So next time you feel like talking shit about him and discredit him maybe you should visit your local gym and train with a bodybuilder for just one hour or put on one of those tight cycling outfits, strap on a helmet and sit on that hard saddle and bike your way through France before you open your mouth.

Route 99 Web TV Series


I’m John Spaulding, creator of the web TV series “Route 99”. You may be wondering how I got on this blog. Actually Joel and I used to try and play our guitars along to a few Pink Floyd songs up here in Seattle but my house pets only take so much. Wisely, he has moved to a better climate.

If you’ve got a moment I would like to have you take a look at the show’s teaser on Kickstarter right here : Feel free to make any comments about the show directly back to me here at “” Right now I still have time to make adjustments to the show so I’d like to hear back about any exciting thoughts that you might have as well as any reservations.  By the way, receiving funding from Kickstarter was not an original goal. I needed a partial product to start showing to product placement companies as well as media buyers. These two channels will eventually fund each episode once we get going. You probably noticed that I listed on Kickstarter the fact that we are looking for funds to buy an ASCAP blanket license. Having this will allow us to use any music in the ASCAP library which is most of the Rock and Roll era. You won’t believe the cost of using original music in instances like this! Granted, everybody needs to make a living and I am a strong believer in creative thinking being rewarded. The other side of the coin is that the minimum cost for using one song on one episode is $335 for the first year based upon my estimate of viewership. Next year if the show is wildly successful then I can get back-billed for this year’s songs based upon viewership that ended up being larger than I estimated. If we do 17 episodes as planned for the year it doesn’t take long to run up a bill larger than the $8,212 we are looking for. Feel free to contribute to our success there knowing that I greatly appreciate it.

John Spaulding


Modern Hero: Wanted Dead or Alive

My younger brother Jordan Gross has written an excellent guest post on the concept of the hero and how modern society has tried to tear him to pieces. I agree with Jordan 100% that modern politicians are so afraid of stepping on anyone’s toes that we have lost very vital principles. What do you think? Should a politician take an unpopular stance on something he or she believes?

I have realized, in reviewing my many favorite pieces of literature, that our culture has managed to completely and absolutely obliterate any semblance of heroism. Our media, our culture, and even our government have managed to circle like vultures around the identity of the hero. They have slowly picked him to pieces over five generations, and now in Generation Y or Z, we are left with nothing but fleeting moments of selflessness.

In reading Beowulf, Arthurian legends, Atlas Shrugged, and other books, epics, poems, etc, I’ve realized that in the last half century we have not allowed one person to ascend to the status of hero. Instead, we allow them fleeting moments in the spotlight, before we denigrate their achievement, question their motives, or sully their history. Even in traditional folklore, heroes (or heroines) are allowed their personal flaws, and often their greatest moment comes in the overcoming of that fatal weakness. They set a standard for the culture by whom they were worshipped, even in their failing. They are examples of determination, courage, pride, strength, and self-understanding. They fought impossible odds, and sometimes succeeded, and other times were laid low. But we don’t have even that story any longer.

How have we lost this valuable portion of human tradition in our post modern society?

Our Media has refused to respect the individual. Every person, event, or place has become another dollar sign to the news agnecies of this period. They care little for the story or its people, only that it sells. Sensational stories, weird stories, disturbing stories, earn the dollar for their magazines or print. We hear about the Fundamental Latter Day Saints and their Temple, about Britney Spears in rehab, about protests of the Olympics. Global warming, international terror, economic recession, and local murders hog the spotlight. We are left better educated, better informed, and completely uninspired.

Culturally we have been taught to accept everything around us, to not question the viewpoints, opinions, or beliefs of others. To do so would be insensitive and offensive. We can’t make a slip up in a blog post, or in an interview, or in a speech. Everything is monitored and reported. Our society wants us to be a nice neutral tone of grey. Nothing too unique or individual. Monotony, PC, and the almighty beige are what we strive for. Our art imitates the past, recreates the present, but presses nowhere. Our music “samples”, “borrows”, and outright steals from more creative ilk. We do nothing new, imagine nothing special, and are fearful of doing either.

And the government is perhaps the worst offender of all. We see bureaucratic purges more severe then the previous with each new “elected” government. Our statesman and politicians strive above all to be polished, refined, well spoken, and bland. They cannot tell us their own opinions, without firing their speech writers. They dare not present a different view point then their fellow candidates, for fear of missing some portion of the electorate. We discourage fair representation with our two party system and give only two outlets for hundreds of millions of people. Third parties have, at best, served to hand the reins of power to one of our two Twin Towers. Other countries see open debate, heated arguments, and honest exchanges about policy and opinion. And we have the mud slinging of our election cycle. Slips of the tongue, email circulations, and stupid hick husbands determine absolutely nothing, but decide everything.

What have we lost in destroying the figure of the hero?
The ability to dream. Perfection is always worth striving for, but we seek so much exposure that we are not allowed to forget for a moment that it is an impossibility.
The ability to change. Heroes are leaders, offering differing viewpoints, unique opinions, and a hard headed arrogance to carry it through. We don’t remember people who led the change anymore. Simply those who have best repeated the past.
The ability to challenge. We don’t have courage enough to stand for anything. We are so crippled by our pasts, by the chance to make a mistake, the fear of ridicule on a local/national/global scale that we can’t make a meaningful fight for anything. It cripples the spine and weakens the heart.
The ability set a standard. Heroes define societies, traditions, and momentous occasions. Their behavior is a way of living to be pursued. Without them, we have simply joined the rat race, regurgitating, repeating.

I miss the heroes we have never had.

Human Cloning: “Generosity” Gene?

GUEST WRITER: The Black Rooster

Joel and I were saying how we both think that human cloning is a good idea for several reasons. I believe that the human race will grow stronger, smarter and more capable with human cloning. Recently there was a scientific discovery, which showed that “generosity” is in fact a gene. That is, people who posses this gene will be more generous and giving than people who don’t posses this gene. Obviously the environment you grew up in will affect that gene as well. For example if someone possesses that gene and grew up in the West Bank or was a Jew during the Nazi regime, where his possessions are being taken and destroyed on a daily basis then chances are that person, who does posses that gene may not be as generous because he had been taught to protect and collect his personal belongings. At the same time, someone who does not possess that gene, but grew up in an environment where his parents where generous people who helped others then chances are that person will be somewhat generous as well. However the point is that when generosity is a gene, and someone possesses it then chances are that person will be more giving than a person who doesn’t posses it. Now you may ask what is the purpose of this? Well, this illustrates that most likely, many human traits are in fact genes that are passed down to us from our parents and ancestors. Traits such as jealousy, anger, hate, happiness, depression etc. Now, please keep in mind that I am over simplifying things, but what if it was possible to remove these “bad” genes with human cloning. What if we were capable of removing hate, anger and other negative traits of human beings in our future generations? Our history has shown us that the reason that humans have killed each other in millions throughout history has been because of ignorance, hate and greed. Now you may say that greed has served us well so far. It has advanced our medicine, science and many other fields. I would agree with that but the fact remains that it has been “personal greed” that has advanced our society. People’s personal greed has forced them to advance in something, create something or discover something in order to benefit from that discovery or creation whether financially, emotionally or physically. You may think well there is nothing wrong with this, if someone invents something that benefits society then he should benefit from it as well. Well that is true, he should and there is nothing wrong with that but what happens when someone like Alfred Nobel invents the dynamite. Alfred Nobel had personal greed and wanted to become wealthy, he was a brilliant scientist and managed to become a millionaire in his time by inventing the dynamite. He definitely benefited from inventing the dynamite, but did our society in general or the human race? Personal greed makes people invent bigger, stronger and more effective weapons, which is used to kill thousands of people on a daily basis. Traits such as anger, jealousy, hate and greed is the main reason for crime in a society and on a larger scale, genocide and war. Now what if personal greed was replaced with “collective greed”? That is, the human race realizes that if we join forces and strive for the improvement and advancement of the human race then everyone is a winner. What if Alfred Nobel had collective greed? What would he have invented?

Perhaps with human cloning, we can create smarter and more capable humans that realize that our world today needs some dramatic changes to it. If negative traits are removed from humans then there is no need to spend all this energy, time and money on our armies and our defense. Because we no longer hate or fear our neighbor and realize that he is just another human being like the rest of us no matter race, religion or sexual orientation.

Even if we can’t “erase” the bad traits with human cloning we sure can create smarter and stronger humans. This in turn will naturally erase ignorance, hate and fear from people. I don’t think there is a single parent out there who wouldn’t wish to have the “perfect child”. You are basically taking the best genes from both partners and creating a “superbaby.” This is the equivalent of having the mother give birth one million times and one of them would perhaps be born with these super qualities. I don’t see anything wrong with giving nature a helping hand in order to advance the human race.

Plato’s Short Stories

Plato was kind enough to give me some rough drafts of stories that he had worked on a while back and I put them online. I messed up the order of some of the pages when I put them online and still need to fix that, so if you come across anything messed up while reading, please send me the page that is bad or post it in the comments. Enjoy!