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I’m John Spaulding, creator of the web TV series “Route 99”. You may be wondering how I got on this blog. Actually Joel and I used to try and play our guitars along to a few Pink Floyd songs up here in Seattle but my house pets only take so much. Wisely, he has moved to a better climate.

If you’ve got a moment I would like to have you take a look at the show’s teaser on Kickstarter right here : Feel free to make any comments about the show directly back to me here at “” Right now I still have time to make adjustments to the show so I’d like to hear back about any exciting thoughts that you might have as well as any reservations.  By the way, receiving funding from Kickstarter was not an original goal. I needed a partial product to start showing to product placement companies as well as media buyers. These two channels will eventually fund each episode once we get going. You probably noticed that I listed on Kickstarter the fact that we are looking for funds to buy an ASCAP blanket license. Having this will allow us to use any music in the ASCAP library which is most of the Rock and Roll era. You won’t believe the cost of using original music in instances like this! Granted, everybody needs to make a living and I am a strong believer in creative thinking being rewarded. The other side of the coin is that the minimum cost for using one song on one episode is $335 for the first year based upon my estimate of viewership. Next year if the show is wildly successful then I can get back-billed for this year’s songs based upon viewership that ended up being larger than I estimated. If we do 17 episodes as planned for the year it doesn’t take long to run up a bill larger than the $8,212 we are looking for. Feel free to contribute to our success there knowing that I greatly appreciate it.

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