Edge of Tomorrow

One of my favorite movies is Edge of Tomorrow now. Fantastic entertainment. I think it has deeper meaning too. We only have one life, with maybe a few hundred or a few thousand days if we are lucky. Then it’s game over. I want to give meaning to my life instead of wasting my days on Reddit or Facebook or by not treating people well or by being selfish.… read more “Edge of Tomorrow”

Being More Positive

I need to work on being more positive, especially in my interactions with my brother Jordan. We have worked together for several years and I think he is fed up with my negativity in interactions. I need to try to be more encouraging and also reflect on the big wins we have rather than the little things that bug me.


Laurel and I made an offer on a house in Puyallup, but the seller wants more money than I am willing to pay. The seller had built the home originally many years ago and thus has a inflated opinion of what the house is worth. Oh well, guess we will go back to the drawing board.

Losing Net Neutrality or The Corruption of America

America is slowly turning into a nation of corruption where your political connections are more important than your innovation. Losing net neutrality is a cash handout to the most hated companies in America… Comcast has long held the #1 rank on this list, with Dish, Sprint, and Verizon close followers. Losing net neutrality will result in truly innovative companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Netflix having to pay their profits out to Comcast.… read more “Losing Net Neutrality or The Corruption of America”


I always tell myself and those around me that my primary motivation in work and life is family. I think that this is partially true, but I am also very motivated by building things, competing, helping myself, helping my team, and learning new things.

I also have this vision of perfect happy family time, but that is not necessarily true either.… read more “Family”