Anger / Frustration Resulting in Lack of Sleep

I have been dealing with a very frustrating client who refuses to read his scope of work or review the emails sent since then, and makes hostile demands. The first time he came to me, I helped out and bent over backwards and solved his issues. Now his project is more than 25% out of scope and he refuses to pay an invoice he owed months ago.… read more “Anger / Frustration Resulting in Lack of Sleep”

College Is A Bad Decision For Most People

Student loan debt has skyrocketed over the last 10 years:

Once a student takes on this type of loan debt, they cannot get rid of it even in bankruptcy.

Everyone told me when I was a teenager that I HAD to go to college and it was incredibly important for my future. Everyone continues to tell American teenagers that college is the key to a good life.… read more “College Is A Bad Decision For Most People”