The modern world operates on trust. Every single one of us has trust in our currency. If we did not that no one would be willing to do work or give goods in exchange for currency.

The recent phenomenon of people not being willing to trust the news media and of politicians like Donald Trump purposefully telling lies to further an agenda goal is incredibly dangerous.… read more “Trust”

Baby Boomers – The Worst Generation

I strongly agree that the baby boomer generation will not be looked on well by history as this generation:

-Took massive debt to pay for entitlements that will eventually have to be paid for by their grandchildren.

-Elected politicians based not on competence but on relatives (Bush, Clinton), or on easily disproved false pretenses (Trump).

-Encouraged and allowed the growth of special interest industries that damaged the country (patent lawyers, AMA increasing healthcare costs, etc).… read more “Baby Boomers – The Worst Generation”