AT&T Business Fiber Down AGAIN!

AT&T Business Fiber had yet another outage again today, with 3 hours of downtime in my region in Culver City. I would highly recommend against anyone ever doing business with AT&T. Probably the worst vendor I’ve ever worked with.

Zayo is getting their fiber installed tomorrow morning, thank god.

Very Productive Weekend

I was able to work all day yesterday and also got my best 4 mile run of this year in. Made a lot of progress on bugs with our recruiting system. Went climbing this morning with David Paradiso, which was also really fun. Going to take a nap now and then get back to work. Haven’t had a drink in 3 weeks which I am also proud of.

Restructuring Coalition To Grow

I have been doing a ton of work lately to restructure Coalition so we can grow to a 1,000+ clients and a 1,000+ full time team members, including:

  • Moving Jordan to COO
  • Planning the promotions of others to fill critical positions
  • Redeveloping Scoretask’s navigation to link to all important company documents
  • Building on new Scoretask modules to support our work

Bestemor’s Eye

My grandma woke up a couple of days ago totally blind in her right eye. When my grandfather got up from bed, he found her sitting her chair. She told him, “I need you to take me to the doctor, I can’t see anything out of my right eye”. He took her to their prescheduled primary care doctor’s appointment, who immediately sent them to a retina specialist.… read more “Bestemor’s Eye”

AT&T Small Business Fiber SCAM!

I strongly recommend against any business getting AT&T shared fiber. I was told by the salesperson when I signed up for a 200 MB up & down connection that it would be amply enough to support my office of 25 people. However, the ONLY router you can use is a consumer grade router that basically will only support 2500 NAT… which works out to about 3-5 people.… read more “AT&T Small Business Fiber SCAM!”