Email Barrage

I sent 99 emails today. I received 408.

I was not able to do anything but handle emails today and do a two hour meeting and a one hour meeting.

I prefer to get tasks done, but I guess this is what you have to do sometimes as CEO?

No Unions Allowed for Government Employees

We have a serious problem: Our government expenses are ballooning out of control.

One of the primary causes of this is unions of government employees aggressively negotiating for higher pay and benefit for members. Here in LA for example, one friends father retired from the police force with a $135,000 per year pension every year for the rest of his life at age 55.… read more “No Unions Allowed for Government Employees”


We had John-David from Yotpo visit our office today and do a great presentation on user generated content and how it works. I really was impressed by Yotpo’s platform (although it is pretty darn pricey) and what it can bring to businesses that have a solid audience in place. Looking forward to seeing which customers will be the best fit for it!