Russia should be richest

One thing I just realized is that Russia is by far the nation that is most wealthy in natural resources on the planet per person. I’m guessing the United States or Canada would be pretty close seconds. So why isn’t Russia immensely wealthy and successful? My guess is the political system of socialism for 60 years that demotivated people to work, then followed by corrupt authoritarianism which continued the trend of not rewarding people for working hard?


What would the most savage generation in human history think of the humans of today?

Who were the most savage humans in history?

Not the ancient individual humans who would kill one another in a few moments of blinding rage then return to their daily lives.

Not the prehistoric human war bands that would raid one another for an hour or two here and there.… read more “Savage”


Terrible tragedies keep happening because of easy access to guns. School shootings, the Vegas massacre, church shootings, and more. Multiple innocents dead each time.

So why do I support continued easy access to guns?

Certainly not for hunters, gun collectors, or hobby shooters.

I support easy access to guns for everyone because of what we have seen happen in Russia where an absolute dictator has risen to power.… read more “Guns”


Conservatives say they revere tradition. Do they really? Liberals say they respect life. Do they really?

There is a tradition that stretches back billions of generations, back to the very first living creatures. That tradition is reproduction.

Some of your ancestors lived long, easy, and happy lives. Most probably did not. Most fought bloody tooth and nail to survive long enough to reproduce, then successfully fought to keep their progeny alive.… read more “Tradition”