What would the most savage generation in human history think of the humans of today?

Who were the most savage humans in history?

Not the ancient individual humans who would kill one another in a few moments of blinding rage then return to their daily lives.

Not the prehistoric human war bands that would raid one another for an hour or two here and there.

Not the classic humans who had wars where cities would raid one another periodically.

Not the medieval humans who had larger wars conducted by professional forces.

The humans who emerged from world war two were the most savage humans in history. Humans who had spent every waking moment for six years producing and then using killing machines at a scale beyond the comprehension of any previous humans. Humans who had committed multiple genocides… The genocide of the Jews by the Germans, then the genocide of the Germans mostly by the Russians and supported by the rest of the Allies. Humans who had levelled cities and murdered tens of millions of people. Humans who had undergone scarcity, famines, brutality, killings and total war where every man, woman, and child joined the fight.

The humans who emerged alive from world war two were tempered steel stronger by far than the humans of today. These humans were wiser too… They built institutions that prevented another similar total war until the last of them had passed on from our world. These humans ushered forward an unprecedented period of innovation, peace, and wealth.

What would these humans say to the cowards and the weak who are allowing dictators to take over nation after nation? What would the iron fist of humans that emerged from WW2 say to the Republicans and Democrats who want to stick their heads in the sand and ignore outright invasions of people we swore to protect (Clinton signed a deal guaranteeing Ukrainian security in the 1990s in return for Ukraine disarming it’s nuclear capabilities). Will any nation ever trust us again and follow our requests to disarm?

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.