System Manipulation

We need to fight back against the slow twisting of our American system. The middle class and social mobility are being eliminated. This is happening through a variety of methods that all reduce competition and innovation.

The patent system prevents lower cost or better feature competitors from entering markets and prevents entrepreneurship.

The American Medical Association prevents new doctors and new business models from entering the market, keeping prices and revenues high for current doctors. This is why you can’t pay for results in medicine.

We tax income, not wealth. This allows worthless rich kids to get vastly richer, while taking money from workers and growing businesses.

Change these three areas and see a revolution in social mobility and income equality.

What should I spend my life doing?

Every so often I question my core goals in life and what I should focus on. Should I spend my best hours working on my business? Programming? Chess? Golf? Pleasure? Having kids? Family? Advancing science?

Let’s have a look at each:

  • Business is what I have spent most of my life focused on so far. I started a company at 17 doing landscaping, went to college for business, worked three and a half years at an agency, then started my own company at age 25. Nine years later this is probably my best skill set. Business is definitely the area I can add the most value to the world. I get a little bored sometimes, but generally there is enough challenges to keep me working six to ten hours a day, six or seven days a week.
  • Programming is an area I get a lot of happiness from as I really enjoy solving problems and puzzles. Programming is a clean area where I can truly and permanently solve a problem unlike business which is often fuzzy or dependent on other people. I am an okay programmer and there are lots of people better than me.
  • Chess is a time filler activity I play on my phone. My game has mostly remained at the same rating with some improvements. I am a pretty mediocre player with only a 1700 rating on lichess. I do like the clear feedback on performance here.
  • Golf is my new sport. Previously, I did a lot of rock climbing for several years, before that I did Crossfit, before that basketball, before that football. I like that golf is safe and I won’t injure myself like I did with rollerblading or run high risks like with rock climbing. Golf has a clear feedback and scoring system which makes it fun to improve. I am a newbie at golf, but improving quickly.
  • Pleasure is something that I feel like if you pursue it as it’s own goal leads paradoxically to a lack of happiness. I could drink, party, go to Vegas, all that sort of stuff. Not interested.
  • Having kids is something Laurel and I really want to do. Biology has not cooperated with us much so far, but we remain hopeful. I have heard from many people that having a family is a deep source of meaning.
  • Focusing on family outside of my own wife and kids is also important to me. I really enjoy spending time with my brothers, my aunt and uncle, and my grandparents. I don’t see them enough and it is probably because I have prioritized my work and my sports too high.
  • Advancing science is something I would like to do. I am especially fascinated by computer science and by microbiology. I have no experience in either area, but I think it would be fun to spend a few years catching up then helping advance a field.




Plenty of people are now following the trend of attacking capitalism.

There are some real abuses of capitalism happening now – due to the fact that we tax income instead of wealth and grant monopolies via our patent system (which should be abolished).

Even with these abuses though, would you want to live under any other nations system? Please don’t mention the oil rich Scandinavian countries that are only rich because they are a supplier to the US and German economies and do not pay for their own defense. Or China which is turning totalitarian like North Korea or Venezuela.

Capitalism has resulted in the USA having the most individual freedom and the best quality of life for even people in poverty. Other systems are just too easy to exploit as you can see in most other countries.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater – switch to taxing wealth instead of income to prevent intergenerational transfers to incompetent people, and shut down the patent system as it is not necessary to foster innovation but just gives monopolies that extract exorbinant rents.

Capitalism in it’s pure form is just free markets… Whoever has the best service and products at the best prices wins. Amazon for example has made life better for every single person I’ve met.


I received an anonymous email from a hacker who spotted a security flaw with one of my sites. Here was my reply:

Thank you for your help! We fixed the issue — REDACTED —-

I am also required to say this for legal reasons: please make sure you delete all files and information from any computer you have related to our site. Please read thisĀ documentĀ on the definition of computer crimes (including accessing a computer system without authorization) and the associated penalties. Keep in mind the US has extradition treaties with most countries.
I will give you permission to write an completely anonymized (no mention of myself or the company or any details that could give away this) blog post on this security issue if you wish.
Please let me know if you spot any other security issues, but do not attempt unauthorized access if you do see an issue. Just let me know.

The World is Terrifying

If you have been following human progress, you will see that we have now built machines that are more intelligent than humans and we are using biotechnology to build supercreatures.

In biotechnology, humans are now building bacteria and animals that can survive in extreme environments full of heat or cold and radiation. Many of these produce products useful to humans. However, anyone can use these genetic tools to build new species. Just wait for a home-grown terrorist to build a superflu that is resistant to all drugs we have now and slaughters billions.

AI is now better at humans in playing games, seeing and identifying things, operating motor vehicles, investing, and dozens of other fields. It’s only a matter of time till self-improving AI comes and quickly grows far beyond our control.

Patents are Evil

Did you know genes and organisms can be patented, preventing scientists from doing research that could lead to disease and cancer cures?

Horrific. The entire system is just a way for predatory people to get rich and harms new innovation.


Success is determined not by luck and not by one big hard effort or decision.

Success is created with hundreds of thousands of little right decisions / actions.