2 Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

Two characteristics I have observed about entrepreneurs (both successful and unsuccessful) are:

  1. Bring certainty into an uncertain world.  A business owner can never be sure if his employees will do the work or a client will pay.  He has to take fickle people and use a business model to translate that into certainty for both his customers and employees.  
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Magento Review – Why Magento Isn’t Like Other Platforms

Magento has only been around since 2008, but in the relatively short time since its original beta release, Magento has become a real force in the world of eCommerce. Having used all of the major shopping cart platforms myself, I have seen just how awesome and how terrible a system can be, depending on the amount of time and effort invested by the company.… read more “Magento Review – Why Magento Isn’t Like Other Platforms”

Sell Your Website

For all of you people out there looking to sell an old website, please email me!  I am looking to buy websites.  You can reach me by using the contact form on this website or leaving a comment on the blog. Please email me your contact information, the URL of the website and the amount of money you are willing to accept for it.  … read more “Sell Your Website”