One of the leading causes of death in America is automobile accidents for people between the ages of 15-64.

We all take this for granted and don’t talk about it or worry about it much.  We should.

You are four times more likely to die in a car crash than be murdered, three times more likely than suicide, and higher than cancer or heart disease.… read more “Driving”

Best Rehabilitation / Recidivism Reduction Method For Prisoners

I would like to propose what I believe would be the best rehabilitation / recidivism reduction method for most criminals. Prisoners should be made to work for real businesses and be allowed to save the money they earn there. This would allow them to learn real skills that will give them hope after they are released and reduce the risk of them reoffending.… read more “Best Rehabilitation / Recidivism Reduction Method For Prisoners”

Prediction: HBO Subscribers Cancel En Masse

I have a prediction that HBO is going to lose a huge proportion of their subscribers now that Game of Thrones is finished and especially since it finished in a way that was the dissatisfying for so many people. I for one am canceling immediately. I actually thought the ending was okay, but HBO has nothing left that interests me.

What Truly Brings Happiness For Me?

For many years now I have meticulously tracked in a spreadsheet all the important things to me that I did that day. It looks like this (and extends out with many more columns and rows):

Today, I decided to correlate one column – Happiness – with each of the other columns. I have rated Happiness on a scale of 1-10 for years each day.… read more “What Truly Brings Happiness For Me?”