Future Predictions from 2019

I think it is a helpful idea to make predictions about the future then see in a year if they have come true or not. Here are my predictions:

  1. By June 2020, the trade wars Trump started along with the extremely high amount of quantitative easing put in place by central banks worldwide will cause inflation to rise sharply and the US economy to slow down or even start shrinking.
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Gresham’s Law Says America In Trouble

Gresham’s Law, named for the financier Thomas Gresham, states that in a system of circulating currency, forged currency will tend to drive out real currency, as real currency is hoarded and forged currency is spent. We see a similar result in human systems, as with bad behavior driving out good behavior in a crumbling moral system, or bad practices driving out good practices in a crumbling economic system.

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Emergency Climate Situation


Look at that chart. CO2 levels are now higher than they have been in millions of years.

The solution here is easy- switch to nuclear power for power plants and most transportation (electric cars and nuclear powered cargo ships like our navy ships), and tax any CO2 generating activity at a high level globally.

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Merrill Lynch / Bank Of America’s Investment Platform is VERY Disappointing

I moved a good chunk of money into Bank America’s Merrill Lynch investment trading platform. I discovered in short order that the only funds they had were funds that had extremely high management fees. After calling in to discuss this with one of their representatives, I moved all my funds into Interactive Brokers – far better range of options and much better fees.