The Top Ten Services SEO Can Offer Your Business

Search engines employ incredibly complex algorithms that measure a wide array of website characteristics to determine what sites make it to the top of the organic search rankings. With all of those website characteristics being measured, it goes without saying that SEO marketing needs to address a variety of factors in order to be effective. Traditionally, SEO has been about building up site content, implementing keywords, establishing inbound links and performing other tweaks, but the discipline has long since expanded to other functions.… read more “The Top Ten Services SEO Can Offer Your Business”

Thanks, Value Windows and Doors: My Window Replacement Story

Having the windows in your home replaced is an inevitable part of long-term home ownership, but it is still something that many homeowners fear. I should know, because I was one of them, until I had my windows replaced by Value Windows and Doors—a window and door company that was recommended by a friend, who had a good experience with the company’s products and service.… read more “Thanks, Value Windows and Doors: My Window Replacement Story”

Trading Algorithms

I have been working recently on writing stock / option trading algorithms and have run into lots of troubles. For instance, it appears that only Interactive Brokers offers a decent API for actual live trading. Second, getting fundamentals data to run my algorithm on is not offered by Quantopian (the easiest IDE for python trading). I have tried working with Excel VBA as well for Interactive Brokers but the error logging and IDE are painful.… read more “Trading Algorithms”

Tips for Creating a Professional Brochure

A brochure can serve as a powerful – and visual – way to express your business’ services and products in a compelling manner for your customers. However for a brochure to be successful, and not just a waste of time, energy, and resources, it should feature a professional-quality design that is appropriate to the effect that you want to achieve.… read more “Tips for Creating a Professional Brochure”

7 Common SEO Mistakes on Your E-Commerce Site

You’ve done a ton of work to get your e-commerce site up and running. Now the last thing you want to do is sabotage your progress with inadvertent SEO killers.

Unfortunately, having a good looking site and excellent products isn’t enough to succeed on the internet. Business SEO matters a great deal, as does some basic knowledge on how search engines find, sort, and categorize things.… read more “7 Common SEO Mistakes on Your E-Commerce Site”